Lime Green Curtains

Invigorate your living space with an ultra fresh look.

This stunning and vibrant shade of lime green offers a completely revitalizing look and feel that will update your existing decor and interiors with a fresh burst of colour.

More information on lime green curtains

A bold choice that will complement both modern and neutral styles of furnishings, lime green drapes can provide your home with both comfort and unique style. Green is a fashionable colour when it comes to home ware products, and is a fabulous pick when it comes to choosing the perfect curtains for any room of your home. Ideally suited to look great in your living room, bedroom or dining area, our stunning selection of lime green curtains provide a wonderful window dressing for your rooms.

Ideal for blocking out unwanted lights our black out curtains are perfect for bedroom use and make a great barrier for keeping out the early morning rays and any nigh time disturbances, such as bright street lamps, making it easier for you to enjoy a proper night's sleep. Our lined lime green curtains are fantastic for maintaining your privacy whilst you relax in your living room and are specially designed to keep out cold draughts as well as unwanted sunlight , their extra weight makes them hang better, giving them a completely luxurious look.