Small Chest of Drawers

Show off a stunning natural grain or blend a matt or gloss painted finish into your colour scheme with one of our small chest of drawers.

Our high quality wooden furniture is the perfect accompaniment to any room in need of extra storage and interesting design feature to fill an empty space.

More information about small chests of drawers

Our deep and spacious small chest of drawers ensures you have maximum storage to fit in clothes, bedding and other belongings with ease. Our range of modern and traditional designs will complement the majority of decors and tastes well whilst providing you with a solution to alleviate clutter. 

Our wooden finishes radiate warmth and charm into your room, the graining and knots of the wood meaning that the intricate natural design is unique to each piece of furniture. Alternatively, our painted finishes enable you to easily blend in a new piece of furniture as our colourings provide the perfect platform for a neutral background in your room. Whether you prefer natural or painted finishes, our treated woods can be kept clean with a cloth and will continue to look like the day you bought them. Available to purchase online today either as part of a collection of furniture or individually, our small chests of drawers are the ideal way to introduce a little more practicality and charisma into your room.