Small Tables

Whether it’s for extra space at meal times, to display home accessories, or for functional storage, tables are easily adapted to suit your lifestyle and can be utilised for many different purposes. Small tables are a popular choice among our customers. Because of their compact size, small tables offer versatility, making them a firm favourite for use all around the home.

Small in stature, big on style

Selecting a small table doesn’t mean sacrificing on style, as a small table can have just as much impact on a space. We offer small tables in a wide range of styles to suit a whole array of tastes. From sleek and simplistic cube designs – perfect for customising a modern home, to Toulouse style tables which are great for adding some traditional charm to a period home.

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Small tables in a range of colours and shapes

The material and colour of the table will have a bearing on your décor, so when looking to purchase your furniture it’s important to consider that it can either complement or contrast in the context of your colour scheme.

Our small tables are available in a range of materials from pine or oak, dark wood to cream wood and everything in between so you should find one to suit your space. And if you’re more interested in the material the table is created from than the colour you’ll be glad to know that as well as small wooden tables we also stock small metal tables and small glass tables.

Choose from small round tables or small square tables – you’re sure to find a table suitable for your space. Many of our items are part of collections so if you like the style of your chosen table and would like to recreate its look throughout your home – simply search the collection.

Small coffee tables and console tables

We sell a variety of small tables, ranging from small coffee tables ideal for decorating a room or to use practically to put a drink down on when you’re relaxing on the sofa, to console tables which are great for sitting televisions and other entertainment devices on.

Nests of tables

Offering a range of different sizes, small nests of tables are very convenient for pulling out when extra space is needed. As they’re stored neatly together, they don’t take up much space and all you need to do is simply pull the table you require out when needed. Lightweight, they can be moved with ease for different purposes around the home. To achieve a truly stylish look in your living room – we recommend you take a look at our Spitalfields nest of 3 tables. If that doesn't take your fancy, why not choose our Skandi nest of lamp tables? Unique in their retro design, these tables will add a talking point to any home.

Tables with lots of storage

As well as providing a great place to position items – some of our tables also have the functionality to double up as storage. From one small drawer, to several drawers, to baskets – we stock a range of tables with storage options. Perfect for hiding away magazines in the living room or toys in the nursery. And if drawers aren’t enough some of our tables even come with shelves so items can be neatly stored but still accessed easily.

The perfect addition to any room

The flexibility of a small table makes it practical for positioning in a variety of rooms. For example, a small kitchen table is the ideal addition to an open plan kitchen diner and will enable the whole household to enjoy family dinners together.

Similarly, a small nest of tables set is very useful for a living room, ideal for placing glasses and mugs, or to use to display decorative accessories such as a vibrant bunch of flowers.

Small bedside tables are an ideal place to put a lamp if you enjoy doing a bit of reading before bed, or if you’re looking for somewhere close to place your personal belongings such as your phone or glasses while you sleep. While small hall tables are a convenient place to store post.

One of the main benefits of a small table is that it can often be neatly stored in the corner of a room when not in use which is great for helping to create more space in your home.

Caring for your small table

All of our tables come assembled and will be delivered to your home at a time convenient for you. To ensure your table lasts as long as you desire we suggest you follow the care guides provided with each table which normally consists of a simple wipe over with a soft cloth.

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