Under Bed Storage

Utilising unused space beneath your bed to store away your possessions is a clever way to keep your bedrooms neat and tidy whilst not infringing on the look of your room.

We offer sensible solutions for this method with a range of under bed boxes that will fit neatly under most bedsteads. These are ideal for storing out of season clothes, toys and bedding. A selection of woven, plastic and strong cardboard boxes enables you to choose the best texture to suit your room decor and storage needs. These high quality boxes are all neutrally coloured and blend into rooms and the decor easily.

More information about under bed storage

Alternatively, you may want to think about purchasing a bed or bed base with inbuilt drawers. This is the ultimate way to store large amounts of possessions without anyone noticing it being there. Incorporated behind the valance, these inbuilt drawers have a large stowage capacity yet neatly tuck underneath the body of the bed.

Available to buy online today, both the boxes and beds would add extra convenience in the form of innovative under bed storage solutions. Do not miss out on the opportunity to create more space in your home today.