Voile Fabric

Add a stylish, romantic and private element to any room with voile fabric.

Available either as cut material or already assembled into curtains, this material is an ingenious solution to gain privacy in your home without the downside of losing incoming natural light.

More information on voile fabric

The exquisite tight weave in this material allows you to look outside, however almost completely mask the view in from outside during the day, receiving the usual amount of sunlight throughout the day without compromising your privacy. Our highly decorative designs add charm and charisma to your room, chose from modern and sleek designs through our ranges to traditional and floral influences, ensuring that we have a design to suit your tastes and decor. 

With the vast range of colours available in our ranges, our voile fabric can be matched to almost any colour scheme. In order to maintain your privacy during the night, you may want to consider selecting some ordinary curtains to use when there are lights on inside the house. Our vast ranges allow you to either contrast or complement your new addition and provide a lovely design feature. Available to purchase online today, our voile fabric is a lightweight and cost effective way to both decorate and style your home.