Wooden Chest

Perfect for the majority of rooms and passageways in your house, our wooden chests provide deep fill storage whilst combining high quality wood and design for a sophisticated look.

Our lift top lids offer easy access for you to store unseasonal bedding and blankets in your bedroom, or to throw your shoes into in the hallway. Our wooden chests are made from high quality woods such as oak and acacia, the graining and knots add beautiful intricacy and introduce a wealth of warmth to bring character to your home. Our high quality woods are lacquered and oiled to seal their finish, darkening as they age, the colours produced from these beautiful materials will only get better as time goes on.

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Our wooden chests are easily cleanable, so you can keep dust and dirt off and ensure they keep looking at their best. A large proportion of the chests we have on offer feature as part of a collection so you can coordinate your efforts to create a truly special look and feel.