Wooden Ornaments

Our extensive ranges of wooden ornaments have the ability to add warmth and intricacy to any room you place them in.

With varied designs and sophisticated details, our wooden ornaments will keep revealing more intricacy and detail the more time you spend with them.

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Create a theme of a bygone era without losing any of the functionality of a similarly designed space with modern equipment. Work within your colour scheme parameters and enjoy a range of creams and glass designs that will complement the room effortlessly. Match up many of our vintage bathroom accessories and collections to create a personalised look that you can be proud of. 

Our selections of vintage bathroom accessories ensure that you can combine multiple items to give a uniform look; match towels, floor mats and soap dispensers with ease whilst creating an intricacy no longer found with modern design. Purchase many vintage accessories as full collections to get a complete and matched look, or mix and combine differing designs to have a bathroom almost unique to your taste. Available to purchase online today, our vintage bathroom accessories will provide the retro look you have been trying to find for your room.