Towels Buying Guide

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Towels Buying Guide

End your relaxing soak in the bath or refreshing shower with something soft and sumptuous from our wide range of towels. Comforting and absorbent, find the right towels for your home with our guide to towel terms and types.

What is GSM?

'Grams per square metre', or GSM as it's more commonly known, indicates the density of the material and gives some indication of how thick, absorbent and luxurious feeling your towels will be. These initials are a common sight on fabric products, particularly high-end.

The higher the GSM, the thicker and more absorbent the towel, as there will be more loops or longer loops present than in lower GSM towels.

Types of towel

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton

The extra-long fibres of this superior yarn are renowned for their softness and durability, creating highly absorbent towels and giving Egyptian cotton a luxurious reputation.

  • 600gsm weight
  • Available in over 30 colours
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Ultimate Towels

Ultimate Towels

Using the latest in fabric technology innovation, these 100% cotton zero-twist pile towels deliver a luxurious softness and lift with and reduced fibre shedding. Wash after wash, the Ultimate Towel remain incredibly soft, with superior absorbency and longer lasting colour.

  • 660gsm weight
  • Available in 18 colours
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So Soft Zero Twist

So Soft Zero Twist

These soft, absorbent towels are crafted with threads that have only been ever so slightly twisted, greatly reducing the towel's drying time and perfect for a touch of luxury.

  • 575gsm weight
  • Available in 8 colours
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Pure Luxury

Pure Luxury

Manufactured using the latest innovative weaving technology to create a towel with superior volume and softness, the Pure Luxury collection is exceptionally soft to the touch and highly absorbent, with a weight of 550gsm

  • 550gsm weight
  • Available in 4 neutral colours
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Towel size guide

Below are approximate dimensions for our Egyptian Cotton towels, though there may be some variances between our other collections.

Face Towel

30cm x 30cm

Guest Towel

40cm x 60cm

Hand Towel

50cm x 90cm

Bath Towel

70cm x 125cm

Bath Sheet

90cm x 170cm

Caring for your towels


We recommend that all towels should be washed before use, and always follow the care instructions included. Keep light and dark washes separate to avoid dulling, and use fabric softener sparingly as it can reduce the absorbency of the towel over time. Tumble drying your towels on a low temperature will fluff up and open the fibres to enhance softness.


If your towel develops a pull, trim the loop with a pair of scissors to stop the strand from getting caught and pulled further. If you notice a high number of pulls in your towel, it may be worth checking inside your washing machine or tumble dryer as sometimes a sharp edge inside the drum may catch fibres and cause loops in towels and garments.

Cleaning products

Harsh cleaning products and bleaching agents as well as some toiletries and skin treatments may damage your towels by breaking down the fibres and stripping off the colour. Rinse your skin well after using skincare products before drying off.