Vintage Lamps

Create the look from a bygone era incorporating our vintage lamps into your home.

Taking design cues from different ages of styling, our vintage lamps take a retro stance to lighting a room.

More information about vintage lamps

Our ornate and floral designs will blend effortlessly into your home, whilst providing an intricate design that will add a sophisticated feel to wherever you place them. The glass and metal used in our vintage lamps is hardwearing and highly durable, ensuring that it will continue to look at its best for many years whilst keeping clean with just a wipe from a cloth.

Choose from cut glass, swan neck and traditional shaded lamps depending on your needs and existing interior style. These fixtures are perfect for people who wish to have vintage style with all the modern conveniences associated with a normal lamp. Our wide range of vintage items allows you to create a theme that will resonate throughout your house and initiate a personalised feel that will be the envy of your friends and family. Available to purchase online today alongside out other retro items, our vintage lamps are the perfect item for anyone wanting something a little different in their home.