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    Explore our collection of Baco kitchenware products, ideal for a variety of food preparation, cooking and storage needs. The range has been specially designed to help make life easier for your family – whether that involves simplifying your Sunday lunch with Baco EasyRoast Bags, or keeping lunchbox snacks fresh with Baco Rainbow Snack Bags, perfect for fruit and homemade treats.

    Our Baco foil selection takes the hassle out of everyday wrapping, baking and grilling, helping to seal in flavours, keep food fresh, minimise mess and even cut down on washing-up duties. The range includes Baco Non Stick Foil, the perfect solution for sticky items – as there’s no need to grease pans with butter or oil, making it a healthier option, too. Baco Foil Sheets are also the perfect size for quick and easy sandwich wrapping and covering leftover food in bowls or on plates.

    Keen bakers will find Baco Baking Parchment and Cake Cases help to cut down on extra greasing, and are suitable for both conventional and combination ovens as well as microwaves. The Baco Baking Parchment can even be used as a piping bag so you can perfect your icing creations once your treats are out of the oven.

    Baco items can also be used outside of the kitchen, with children’s crafts and DIY drawer liners among their many other versatile uses.

    Additionally, Baco foil products are re-usable and recyclable across the UK, meaning that they are not only convenient for everyday use, but are also a better choice for the environment.

    British-made and British-owned, Baco’s high quality products have made it the UK’s number one brand for kitchen foil and clingfilm. For a brand you know you can trust, order your Baco kitchenware from Dunelm today.