Food Storage

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Food Storage

Keeping your kitchen surfaces clear and your appliances well organised may seem like a daunting task. This is why our range of kitchen storage solutions includes everything you need from plate racks and drawer organisers to fruit basket and bowls. It is even possible to utilise every nook and cranny with our customisable under sink storage. When those inevitable spills do occur, keep your kitchen towel close at hand with a kitchen towel holder, either fixed to the wall or standing primly on your countertops.

Cook or bake to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that your culinary creations can be stored neatly and remain unspoiled over extended periods of time. When making jellies and jams, our jam jars, storage jars and preserving jars are the ideal storage options, locking in goodness and taste with their ingenious vacuum seals. For various ingredients and homemade treats, our kilner jars are also available in a variety of sizes.

Choose from our range of delightful cookie jars, perfect for keeping your biscuits safe until that ever important tea break. You may also keep your baking creations fresh in a practical yet decorative cake box, ideal for placing on the counter or keeping your goodies undamaged on the journey to a friend’s house. Even your delicious loaves can be served in style with a charming bread basket.

Enjoy nutritious drinks and meals on the road with our travel mugs and food flasks, designed to keep your beverages and soups at their ideal temperatures no matter how far you stray from home. Our water bottles will also help to ensure that you never dehydrate. When anticipating a quiet evening at home, it is reassuring to know that your favourite wines are close at hand and beautifully displayed by a sophisticated wine rack.