Distressed Furniture

Introducing a range of distressed furniture into your room emphasises your style by incorporating shabby chic elements into your decor.

Choose from ornate furniture that has purposefully been made to look aged, or recreations of furnishings or other items that have been customised into furniture for your use.

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Our eye catching alternatives to traditional and modern furnishings are sure to impress friends and family and allow you to express your taste in decor without compromising on functionality. Our distressed painted finishes replicate furniture that has been left to create a patina and style of its own. When incorporated into a room of modern decor, it creates a surprising contrast that complements colour schemes and forms a focal point to the room. 

Our cut out detailing of many of our distressed furniture adds ornate beauty to the room, when combined with the distressed look and feel of the furniture; it provides a fascinating match that will be an intricate addition to your room. Many of our items of distressed furniture feature as part of collections, allowing you to customise your choices in order to create a fully personalised and coordinated look and feel to your room. Available to purchase online today, our distressed furniture will give room a composition of uniquely styled furniture that will top off your decor.