Striped Rugs

Enjoy a bold and intricate new design feature to your room by purchasing one of our striped rugs.

Our luxuriously plush and deep striped rugs make sinking your feet into them after a hard day’s work irresistible, the newfound warmth and pleasing texture only adding to your decor.

More information about striped rugs

Our ranges of striped rugs feature various designs and colours to perfectly match up with your existing colour scheme. Our hardwearing and durable materials enjoy minimal shedding even when placed in high traffic areas, enabling you to enjoy the look of them without worrying about their lifespan. Perfect for laminate, wooden or stone flooring, our striped rugs will prevent cold feet whilst elegantly lifting the style in your room.

Make your friends and family envious of your new addition to the room; the high quality materials and design being sure to impress. To ensure your striped rug stays where you want and to avoid any nasty accidents, invest in one of our anti-slip mats to adhere the rug to your flooring. Team our rugs to one of our many other furniture collections and mix and match styles to create a truly personalised look. Available to purchase online today, our silver rugs are the will add charm and opulence to your home.