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                  Soft, fluffy, and available in a range of cuddly colours. Get cosy with a touch of teddy.

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                  Filled Cushions

                  When it comes to enjoying your leisure time in the home, being comfortable can make all the difference between a relaxing time on the settee and a potential sore back. Here at Dunelm we offer a range of filled cushions to provide extra support as well as a boost in style for your home.

                  Our pink and yellow cushions are great for expressing the most vibrant sides of your personality. Bright or soft floral designs can bring as much or as little colour into your décor too. For adding interest to your seating area or bedrooms, our filled vintage and tartan cushions are timeless and elegant, whilst our stunning range of stag, owl and charming fox designs will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees them. Why not add bolster cushions to add a quirkiness to your sofa, bedroom or armchairs as the different shape can be a focal design feature. Create a soothing environment with a heart cushion and bring cosiness and charm to any room. Whatever your tastes, we strive to provide you with gorgeous filled sofa and scatter cushions that you will fall in love with.