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There’s a world of sofas to choose from at Dunelm, from the simple to the luxurious, so whatever type of sofa you’re looking for, you’ll find one here. We have two, three and four-seat sofas, plus corner sofas. No matter how much room you have in your living room, and how many people you share it with, there’s a sofa here with your name on it.

The smallest size we have is the two-seater. It’s perfect for people with small living rooms or city-centre flats and will seat a couple in comfort. Some people also like to buy a pair of 2-seater sofas rather than a three or four-seat one, perhaps because it fits better, or perhaps because it’s a more convivial arrangement.

Next are the three and four-seater sofas, which are obviously wider than two-seaters, but are also much better if you like to lie down on them. Don’t forget, all our sizes of sofas also come as sofa beds, so if you like to entertain guests, it’s a really efficient use of your space, and you can sleep several people in comfort.

Our largest sofas are the corner models. The bend at 90 degrees, forming an L shape to fit nicely in the corner of a room. They’re perfect if you have a large family or lots of guests, especially if you don’t have a particularly long wall to place a long sofa against.

Recliners are another option. At the pull of a lever, your back leans down and a footrest emerges from the front, making it a relaxing place to spend an evening watching TV or having a well-deserved snooze. Handily, it’s individual seats that recline, so you can share a sofa with an upright partner and you’re both content.

Our sofas come covered in any material you can imagine. A stylish, tailored fabric looks fantastic in a modern home, especially in a light, airy colour. Velvet is as soft and warm as you imagine it is, and the natural shades of the nap give it a plush, lustrous appearance that makes these sofas so inviting. And finally there’s leather. We’ve got plenty of leather sofas to choose from, in all sizes and in recliner types. Choose from black, brown, grey, red or cream for the one that fits your living room, and you’ve got a luxurious place to sit and relax.

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