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3 Easy Steps to Make Sparkling Water


Voted Drinks System Product of the Year 2015, you can be sure that when you shop Sodastream at Dunelm, you’ll find high quality kitchen gadgetry. Sodastream offers sparkling water makers with plenty of flavours available – bringing a touch of fun to your kitchen.

With their sleek, modern designs, the eco-friendly Sodastream range is the essential kitchen appliance. If you love to host parties for your friends or your family loves fizzy drinks but you want a healthy alternative, the Sodastream is the ideal product for your kitchen. Easy to use and stylish, Sodastream products will look great in any kitchen and will be loved by fizzy drink fanatics and the health conscious too.

Be the envy of all your friends by equipping your kitchen with a must-have kitchen gadget. In a choice of sleek black or vibrant red, the Sodastream Play Machine will look great in any kitchen. Made from a durable, easy-to-clean plastic, the Sodastream Play Machine is the latest machine available.

Sodastream bottles

Make sure you always have an ice cold, thirst-quenching drink ready in your fridge with extra Sodastream bottles. The twin pack of 1L carbonating bottles is the ideal accessory for your machine. Featuring a unique sealing cap, you can ensure your homemade drink stays fresh and holds the bubbles for longer. With a sleek, simple design the durable plastic bottles are specially designed for drinks made from your Sodastream.

Stock up on Sodastream refills

Get the most out of this kitchen essential by browsing our Sodastream refill range. Stick to classic flavours and browse our collection of concentrate like the Sodastream Orange Refill Mixer. This 500g sugar free Sodastream refill makes an impressive 12 litres of fizzy drink. For the health conscious, the Sodastream Zeros refill range offers delicious, zero calorie flavours fortified with vitamins. The Zeros Lemonade refill mixer is a refreshing, naturally flavoured, healthy alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks.

To shop our range of Sodastream products, browse online or head to your nearest Dunelm store today.