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How To Welcome Yourself Home 

The nights are drawing in and the drizzle has descended. It’s 6pm, after a busy day at work or a long walk home, there’s nothing nicer than that ‘ahh’ moment when you step inside your own space. 

Creating the right kind of ambience, from that welcoming glow of a table lamp on timer, to pushing your key in the front door, can really help to give you that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of ‘coming home’ as you return to your safe haven and sigh with relief as your cosy new hallway greets you.

With a bit of planning you can transform any entrance space into the kind of practical room that helps you keep clutter at bay and meet the new season with a super organised family space. 

A space for everything and everything in its place is really easy to achieve with a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture, especially ones with practical storage built in. Look out for clever designs that include somewhere to sit when you kick off your shoes and swap them for slippers. Maybe a handy box or bench seat with shoe storage. Next, somewhere to hang your coat, scarf and bags is essential. That might be part of a wall shelf, hallway unit or simple wall hooks styled over a cushioned bench or blanket box, all as part of your interior design look. 

A neat console or sideboard always looks stylish if you have the space, styled with one statement mirror in the centre or a cluster of contemporary mirrors above in different shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect way to reflect light and for those last-minute checks before you leave the house! And of course, every family needs a ‘clutter bowl’ in the hallway for car keys, house keys and change. Adding plants and photos frames really brings the look together and makes what could be a cool ‘passing through’ space feel super cosy and lived-in. It kind of becomes an extension of your living space, giving you, and visitors, that heart-warming feeling when you come in from the cold. 

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Once you’re safely inside, treat yourself to a few moments ‘me-time’ in a cosy nook. Try a corner of the living room or fireside seat to create your own mini cocooning corner with comfy layered cushions, soft blankets and ambient lighting to soothe you as you unwind from the day. Talking of lighting, the right shapes and shades on a low table or directed into a corner, can really enhance a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, especially paired with favourite home fragrances from our huge range of candles and diffusers to suit your mood. Ah, that feels so good! 

One of the greatest things about the British weather is the seasons and the opportunity for change, so it’s a nice time to reach for cosy one pot dinners. The kindest way to ease yourself into the ‘new normal’ is with nurturing and self-care. Imagine coming in from school or work to a delicious home cooked meal… anything is possible with our slow cookers for stews, soups or casseroles. After a bit of easy prep at breakfast time, they’re ready when you are at the end of the day.

And if you’ve eaten out already, you might side step supper and retreat straight into your cosy corner with a good book, music and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. And why not. You deserve it! 

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