Full Length Wall Mirror

Add elegance and class to any room in your home and create the perception of added space and depth with one of our full length wall mirrors.

Reflect your taste and style with one of our high quality full length wall mirrors. There are so many styles available to suit your chosen décor - perhaps a wooden framed mirror giving you a timeless look which will blend with bright as well as soft colours. If you are looking for a bit more shine around the frame of your full length wall mirror why not choose a vintage style ornate framed mirror with beautiful silver finishes and baroque inspired detailing.

More information on full length wall mirrors

Our full length wall mirrors encompass clear polished glass which will sparkle in your room, give a sense of more space, whilst allowing you to have a full length view when carrying out your daily grooming routine or taking a glance at how you look before you head out the door. Full length wall mirrors reflect the light in one long panel so you get more of a statement burst of light into your home. When the full length wall mirrors are placed on an empty wall you can create a design feature by hanging either vertical or horizontal getting two styles in one, or two long wall mirrors hanging vertical side by side can create a great interior illusion of higher ceilings and a bigger room. Our waxed and lacquered wood frames are easily cleanable with a cloth to keep them looking as good as when you bought them, allowing the wood to provide rich colouring that will complement your decor.