5 Ways to Style a Plain Rug

Let’s dive right in with our favourite ways to take a patternless rug from a pleasant but plain bit of fluffy stuff, to a pivotal accessory that’s a key part of your room’s look.

Scandi Style

The Scandinavian trend is sticking around. We’ve seen it everywhere, on our Pinterest pages, being adopted by our favourite interior bloggers and showcased in store window displays, but what is ‘Scandi style and how can we get it in our space? Minimalism and functionality are key to this look and a faux fur rug ticks both boxes.

Traditionally inspired by nature and the chilly climate of Nordic countries, the Scandinavian trend places emphasis on functionality – which in this case means keeping toasty. The super-soft pile keeps your space cosy and warm (perfect for a hygge night in) while the mock pelt-shape and natural colours keep things simple for that minimalist feel and to keep your room in touch with the natural roots of the Scandi trend.

Our Supersoft faux fur double pelt rugs have a short pile that nails simple Scandi style, in gentle ivory and grey shades that fit perfectly into almost any environment, while the blush pink option is perfect for adding a hint of colour.

Statement Walls

The word ‘plain’ might not fill you with excitement, but it’s definitely not boring. In fact a plain rug can be perfect if you want to make a style statement. Take a neutral plain rug and pair it with bright walls, busy wallpaper or patterned textiles, and the simplicity of the rug will define your space without distracting from more adventurous elements.

Try a Boston wool rug, for a timelessly simple design that will outlast your flirtations with passing trends and design phases. The 100% wool composition is fade-resistant and adds lots of warmth and sound insulation, making it perfect for family life and modern living. We’ve paired our grey Boston rug with bright yellow walls to create a sunny-yet-serious look that also works well when paired with bright cushions and a vibrant gallery wall.

Comfort is Key

We know, getting up in the morning is hard, but a bed is easier to roll out of when you have comfort on your floor (check our rug guide for the best place to put your bedroom rug). Shaggy rugs are mostly plain, and that’s because luxuriously deep piles do all the talking. Lots of people choose hard-wood flooring throughout their homes, and a shaggy rug is great for adding texture and warmth to your bedroom. A thick, shaggy rug can also have sound-insulating qualities, important to keep in mind if you want to sneak around without waking up the kids!

Our ranges of shaggy rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll definitely find the right one for you, whatever your size or space. We even do a u-shaped rug, that fits perfect around double or king-sized beds.

Shape Up

The living room is made for living in, and whether you’re laying in front of the TV or getting together as a family, it’s important to find a rug that matches your house’s personality. What plain rugs miss out on in intricate patterns, they more than make up for in shape, colour and style. Whether it’s a blush pink, sunny ochre or understated neutral, a plain rug can match your family’s style to a tee. We know that every house is unique in style and shape so experiment with your rug shape. We love squares and circles to help us define tighter spaces.

Natural Beauty

With production levels similar to cotton, there’s quite a high chance that you already interact with jute on a day-to-day basis – just take a look at your upholstery, curtains and reusable shopping bags. Spun from jute fibres in India, jute fabric can have a wide range of functionalities from thick or thin, soft or coarse, natural or dyed.

Jute yarn has a long list of benefits making it the perfect material for your next rug, ideal for bringing both style and sustainability to your space. Just as rain-fed crop jute is tough and plentiful, the harvesting process uses a minimal amount of pesticides and water, giving it top marks as an environmentally conscious material.

Perfect for dipping into the natural bohemian trend, you can pair a flat Jute rug with neutral walls and a variety of house plants and bold accessories (like our bird lamp) to make a perfect paradise in your space. Try out this style in the kitchen too, because as well as being on-trend, jute rugs boast a lot of durability, which is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Everyone’s style and space is unique, so a plain rug can work wonders to complement whatever trend you want in your home. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out Dunelm.co.uk to get your feet on some of our best-selling plain rugs.


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