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5 Tips for a Stylish and Functional Kitchen

Between cooking, eating, the place we end up at parties, where we help with homework, give our best agony aunt advice and sneaking a midnight snack, kitchens have a lot to contend with, so they need to be hard working as well as appealing to spend time in.

Re-doing your kitchen can be a pricey affair, but we’ve got some great quick and easy kitchen makeover ideas to refresh the whole look and feel without needing to take out a second mortgage. Oh and they’re really practical too!

Our 5 Quick Kitchen Tips

1. Create a new splashback or revamp your floor with self-adhesive tiles

They can be wiped clean and will give the area a new lease of life, both visually and practically – plus they’re also much easier to apply than traditional tiles!

  1. Mark out the dimensions.
  2. Carefully cut them to size.
  3. Line them up and press firmly.
  4. Done! Enjoy your simple, cost effective and removable new look.

2. Paint a chalkboard inside a cupboard

This one takes a little time but only because you need to let the layers dry – it’s still very easy to do and will give you a handy place to note what you need to pick up at the supermarket or remind yourself to call the bank.

  1. Make sure your chosen surface is clean and dry.
  2. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint.
  3. Wait 2 – 4 hours until it’s completely dry.
  4. Apply another coat.
  5. Wait for it to dry.
  6. Your chalkboard is ready to go.

3. Add stylish, moveable storage

There’s only so much space for storage and it’s not always in the most convenient position, so we’re all about having something on wheels for added convenience. If you’ve got a free nook you can tuck your trolley away between uses too.

4. Make your own herb jars

Plants are not only wildly on trend and good for your wellbeing, but if you grow some tasty herbs they’ll also make your kitchen smell good and be handy for cooking. Recycle your old jam jars, pickle jars or any other pots you have lying around and plant your flavoursome favourites.

  1. Clean and dry your jar.
  2. Add two inches of stones at the bottom for drainage.
  3. Fill most of the jar with potting soil, leaving space at the top.
  4. Plant your herbs from seeds or offcuts.
  5. Show them some love and watch them grow.

5. Use ladder shelving

A no-nails approach to reclaiming some vertical space, ladder shelving leans against a wall to give you extra places to store everything you need.

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5 Ways to Style a Plain Rug

Let’s dive right in with our favourite ways to take a patternless rug from a pleasant but plain bit of fluffy stuff, to a pivotal accessory that’s a key part of your room’s look.

Scandi Style

The Scandinavian trend is sticking around. We’ve seen it everywhere, on our Pinterest pages, being adopted by our favourite interior bloggers and showcased in store window displays, but what is ‘Scandi style and how can we get it in our space? Minimalism and functionality are key to this look and a faux fur rug ticks both boxes.

Traditionally inspired by nature and the chilly climate of Nordic countries, the Scandinavian trend places emphasis on functionality – which in this case means keeping toasty. The super-soft pile keeps your space cosy and warm (perfect for a hygge night in) while the mock pelt-shape and natural colours keep things simple for that minimalist feel and to keep your room in touch with the natural roots of the Scandi trend.

Our Supersoft faux fur double pelt rugs have a short pile that nails simple Scandi style, in gentle ivory and grey shades that fit perfectly into almost any environment, while the blush pink option is perfect for adding a hint of colour.

Statement Walls

The word ‘plain’ might not fill you with excitement, but it’s definitely not boring. In fact a plain rug can be perfect if you want to make a style statement. Take a neutral plain rug and pair it with bright walls, busy wallpaper or patterned textiles, and the simplicity of the rug will define your space without distracting from more adventurous elements.

Try a Boston wool rug, for a timelessly simple design that will outlast your flirtations with passing trends and design phases. The 100% wool composition is fade-resistant and adds lots of warmth and sound insulation, making it perfect for family life and modern living. We’ve paired our grey Boston rug with bright yellow walls to create a sunny-yet-serious look that also works well when paired with bright cushions and a vibrant gallery wall.

Comfort is Key

We know, getting up in the morning is hard, but a bed is easier to roll out of when you have comfort on your floor (check our rug guide for the best place to put your bedroom rug). Shaggy rugs are mostly plain, and that’s because luxuriously deep piles do all the talking. Lots of people choose hard-wood flooring throughout their homes, and a shaggy rug is great for adding texture and warmth to your bedroom. A thick, shaggy rug can also have sound-insulating qualities, important to keep in mind if you want to sneak around without waking up the kids!

Our ranges of shaggy rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll definitely find the right one for you, whatever your size or space. We even do a u-shaped rug, that fits perfect around double or king-sized beds.

Shape Up

The living room is made for living in, and whether you’re laying in front of the TV or getting together as a family, it’s important to find a rug that matches your house’s personality. What plain rugs miss out on in intricate patterns, they more than make up for in shape, colour and style. Whether it’s a blush pink, sunny ochre or understated neutral, a plain rug can match your family’s style to a tee. We know that every house is unique in style and shape so experiment with your rug shape. We love squares and circles to help us define tighter spaces.

Natural Beauty

With production levels similar to cotton, there’s quite a high chance that you already interact with jute on a day-to-day basis – just take a look at your upholstery, curtains and reusable shopping bags. Spun from jute fibres in India, jute fabric can have a wide range of functionalities from thick or thin, soft or coarse, natural or dyed.

Jute yarn has a long list of benefits making it the perfect material for your next rug, ideal for bringing both style and sustainability to your space. Just as rain-fed crop jute is tough and plentiful, the harvesting process uses a minimal amount of pesticides and water, giving it top marks as an environmentally conscious material.

Perfect for dipping into the natural bohemian trend, you can pair a flat Jute rug with neutral walls and a variety of house plants and bold accessories (like our bird lamp) to make a perfect paradise in your space. Try out this style in the kitchen too, because as well as being on-trend, jute rugs boast a lot of durability, which is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Everyone’s style and space is unique, so a plain rug can work wonders to complement whatever trend you want in your home. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out Dunelm.co.uk to get your feet on some of our best-selling plain rugs.

Outdoor Rugs Are IN

With summer comes barbecue season, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor space, and more importantly: outdoor rugs. It’s a growing trend that’s making an appearance in aspirational blogs and social media feeds, so we thought we’d give you the nod to get ahead of this movement before your neighbours do!

Here’s our easy guide on why you should add an outdoor rug to your home accessories wishlist:

Strong Designs

External design can be challenging, and an outdoor rug is perfect for turning your open space into somewhere you want to hang out, and maybe even your new favourite place. Bold prints and soft curves can be used to complement the organic and unpredictable design of nature, making it the perfect conversation-piece for any garden. Stand-out geometric patterns in earthy tones and bright accent colours can section off and draw attention to an area of your outdoor space, creating a designated dining area or a place for the little ones to play. Their adaptability is perfect for letting your well-designed interior spill out into your garden.

Nice and Durable

Most outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene material that is hard-wearing and weather resistant (for everything but snow) making them perfect for use outdoors without needing to carry them in and out every time you need them. Their enhanced durability makes them perfect for a big social event or a sunny play-date, and even better for protecting your patio and decking from chair and table legs.

Muddy garden games and drink spilling would normally be a nightmare for your typical rug owner, but polypropylene material is also super easy to clean and care for. Spillages and crumbs from last night’s barbecue can easily be shaken or rinsed off; their water-resistant design means that they will welcome a gentle hose-down when the rough and tumble of summer life has finished.

And They Work Indoors Too!

Durability isn’t just important for a garden. An outdoor rug can work just as well indoors as the hard-wearing material makes these ideal for high-footfall areas like the kitchen or hallway. By using an outdoor rug inside your home, you get to enjoy all of the aesthetic merits of a regular rug but with the added toughness and easy-cleaning of an outdoor rug. Perfect for busy family homes, accidental spillages, food crumbs and muddy paws are no issue for an outdoor rug, which can just be taken outside and cleaned with the garden hose.

New Arrivals

‘Moretti’, ‘Padua’ and ‘Trieste’ are the latest flat woven recruits to join our indoor and outdoor Florence Alfresco range, pairing hard-wearing materials and contemporary geometric designs in a style-conscious palette, perfect for summer and beyond.

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Refresh Your Living Room, Instantly!

That satisfaction and pride you get when you walk into a room that’s freshly redecorated is a real mood booster. Over time that feeling fades as your room goes from fresh and new to an everyday sight, but there are lots of little ways to refresh you room fast when you get a bit fed up with it. Keep on reading to find out our favourite ways to liven up your living room look, and the best part is – none of them are permanent! So whether your home is your own to do what you like with, or you’re renting from someone with a lot of rules, you can use every one freely.

Our top 5 tips to refresh your living room:

Use self-adhesive wallpaper to create a feature wall

Quick, impactful, and completely removable if you change your mind or decide to move out, our self-adhesive wallpaper is much easier to apply than the traditional kind and makes a fabulous statement wall. You can use leftover pieces to give your furniture a new lease of life but lining drawers or covering the back of shelving.

Make a memory wall

A gallery wall is easy to create, much less hassle than hanging a couple of pictures in the ‘normal’ way. The less matchy-matchy it looks the better, so go to town with mismatched frames filled with your favourite photos, postcards, prints and posters. Lay the frames on the floor to get a rough plan of the shape and arrangement, then start by hanging the central frame and working out. Because they don’t need to hang at the same height on the wall, you don’t need to be too exact with where you place them, which takes some of the stress away!

Add a mirror to create illusion of space

Not only great for checking out your outfit, mirrors also perform a magical bit of trickery when hung near a window. Mirrors bounce light around, so if you hang them in the right spot, it’s like doubling your light sources! The bigger the mirror the better for a maximal light and airy look, and try to use an existing hook, or at least fill the hole in carefully if you’re in rented accommodation.

Make a floral focal point with a difference

Depending on your view windows can get a bit boring, so we like to brighten them up with a bunch of flowers. For a special treat we get them fresh and wait excitedly for them to reach full bloom, but the rest of the time we use beautiful faux flowers. They’re much easier on the purse because they last much longer, and its much easier to keep your favourite flowers in your eye-line even when they’re out of season. Change your display every few weeks to keep it fresh. 

Add colour without picking up a paint brush

It’s easy to add colour without making a permanent change, and when you can combine it with making your room more comfortable too, it’s a win-win. A big colourful, comfortable rug is the perfect way to make a quick and easy impact, just roll it out and you’re done! If you’ve already got a rug you love, branch out with colourful cushions and throws instead, either in one key accent shade or a rainbow selection.

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This Morning LIVE, May 2019

If you were lucky enough to grab a ticket to the This Morning Live event at the NEC Birmingham this year, you probably left a calmer, more centred person with a new level of understanding for what self-care can be.

The theme of the 2019 event that took place over 4 days between Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th May was ‘wellbeing’, which has become the hot topic of the moment. A host of vendors across all aspects of life come together for this 4 day spectacular to promote what wellbeing means to them, their customers, and perhaps you – from eating well, to healthy thinking, simple fitness tips to boosting your confidence with comfortable, flattering clothing, make up tips to enhance your natural beauty, and of course Dunelm’s thoughtful home.

The first thing you notice about the This Morning Live event is the buzzing atmosphere – there’s always something to see, hear, try on or test out, and the air is filled with chatting, laughing and exclamations. It’s a joyous place to be, and everyone is very excited to catch a glimpse of Phil and Holly, and the This Morning family! Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long as we were treated to a sneak peek behind the scenes before the show went live on air at 10:30, when the hosts did their teaser for the show, then a short 10 minutes later filming started and everyone craned their necks for a chance to wave at everyone back home.

Attendance was just as broad as the shopping opportunities and handy advice available on the day, with couples, groups of friends, mums and daughters and grandmothers alike, all hoping to catch the sight and sound of some of that Phil and Holly chemistry, and learn more about what they can do to help their wellbeing grown.

There are lots of routes into wellbeing which was reflected in the vast range of vendors at the event, each one with a real passion for their products and enthusiasm for sharing what they know with other people. From essential and practical self-care like physical activity and a nutritious diet to quick and easy mind-calming techniques that are a great addition to your mental toolkit, self-confidence boosters to soul-warming comfort food and comforting home touches.

The lovely Kelly Brooke stopped by to admire our ‘Mindful Home’ display.

Dunelm’s thoughtful home display took the mindfulness trend to broader places, by not only considering how you might create a soothing and serene sanctuary to recharge your batteries, but being more selective in the things we buy for our home. Taking a cue from the popular ‘joyful or useful’ philosophy of owning ‘stuff’, our compact apartment style display demonstrated how much character and function you can squeeze in if you choose the right pieces for your home and lifestyle. There were also lots of practical elements to help unlock a more mindful, calm home life, like smart storage in for less clutter in every room, blackout blinds and natural fibre bedding to aid comfortable sleep, and kitchen options that get rid of single use plastics and make recycling as easy as possible.

All in all, a fantastic weekend that left every guest with that warm, comforted and well-informed feeling that we all get from watching Holly and Phil daily!

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Father’s Day: Make Him A Memory Board

When giving a gift, sentiment is always worth more than cash value. And while we might think of our mums as the more soppy ones, our dads, stepdads, guardians and grandads love a sentimental gift just as much as mums do.

They’re more meaningful to give and might take a bit more effort, but they can be a lot easier on the pocket than treating them to, say, an all-singing all-dancing barbecue.

Memory board style frames used to take a lot more effort, including stringing the frame yourself and sourcing tiny pegs, but Dunelm has kindly taken all of those fiddly jobs by creating a memory frame that’s ready to go.

“It’s what’s inside that counts” as they say, and in this case it’s very much true. What you fill the frame with will make the gift special, so the more time you have to gather materials and think of ideas, the better.

You could fill your frame with:

  • Photos from days out.
  • Photos from when the family was younger.
  • Ticket stubs from concerts, shows, and days out together.
  • Handwritten notes you, your siblings, the grandkids etc.
  • Postcards.
  • Polaroids.
  • Napkins from meals on special occasions.
  • …And anything else you and your Dad would like!

Ideally you’ll need to gather enough stuff to fill the strings, but you don’t need to overload it. It’s about the sentiment so think quality not quantity.

We think this is a guaranteed winner for dad-gifting – the only problem is trying to find something to top it next year!

Father’s Day: Give Him A Daddy Caddy

A lot of Dads like stuff. Stuff for washing the family car, stuff for fixing their bike, stuff for pottering about the garden, stuff to show off on the barbecue… and those are just the classics. Dads also like their stuff to be orderly and easy to access, so we’ve had the brilliant idea of combining the two!

This Father’s Day we’ll be creating personalised ‘Daddy Caddies’ for our treasured father figures, and tailoring the contents to whatever our dads, grandads, stepdads, guardians, and partners would enjoy the most.

The idea is as simple as it comes – find a container, fill it with things – but can be fully customised with ribbon trims, bows, labels, hand painting and more. We’ve chosen a BBQ grilling theme for the contents of our daddy caddy, but there’s no restrictions on what you could fill yours with – unless it’s too big to fit in!

To recreate our caddy you will need:

  • A basket or box
  • Burger Holder
  • Stainless Steel 3 Piece Set
  • 3 in 1 Grill Brush
  • Sabatiar Maison Apron
  • Silicone Striped Double Oven Glove in Black
  • Hand Made With Love Ribbon in Natural (15mm x 4m)

How to bring your daddy caddy together:

  1. Remove any labels or packaging from the basket.
  2. Place your contents inside, using the taller pieces at the back and smaller bits at the front.
  3. Use some tissue paper or packaging paper in the bottom if you need some extra height to get the presentation spot on.
  4. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, trim with ribbon and a label. No gift bag required!

If you’ve got room, a few other ideas might be seasoning packets, a bottle of beer, cider, or a soft drink he likes, a rolled up apron, bottle opener, sun hat or cool drink holder.

Other combinations that we think work really well are foodie bits. If your dad enjoys creating in the kitchen, think along the lines of fancy sauces, seasonings, non-perishable ingredients and specialist cooking and preparing tools, or a recipe book. If he’s more about the product rather than the process, look out for unusual and premium treats that he can snack on as and when he feels like it – independent delicatessens are a great place to pick up something he probably hasn’t seen before. Beers or miniatures are also a nice touch if your dad likes a tipple, and you could present him with a special glass too.

The sky is the limit, so just tailor it to your favourite guy’s interests.

Create A Hotel-Style Bed Experience At Home

The best thing about spending the night in a glamorous hotel? It’s got to be the luxurious night’s sleep you get in their perfectly presented beds. Their crisp linens, fluffy pillows and beautifully tucked sheets seem a world away from your own bedroom, but it’s a lot easier to replicate than you think.

Whether it’s to impress your guests or satisfy yourself, here’s how you can recreate the hotel look at home.

1) Invest in a good mattress

You’re not going to have the full five-star hotel experience if your mattress isn’t up to scratch. Sometimes it’s worth investing those extra pennies into a new mattress to enhance how you sleep, especially if you suffer with back pain or muscle strains. A big squishy sink-in mattress might be okay for a couple of nights, but long-term comfort will always serve you better. An orthopaedic mattresses is great for aches as they provide full-body support that react to changing weight distribution with their network of individual springs. Memory foam mattresses are also great for spine and neck alignment while providing pressure relieving comfort.

2) High thread count bed linens

The next step to luxury is through quality fresh bed linens. High thread count linens, such as the Dorma 300 and 500 thread count ranges, provide excellent handle (which means it feels nice to touch and drapes well without any stiffness) and they even come with a 10-year guarantee for long-term peace of mind. Crisp 100% cotton sheets not only have a sumptuously soft feel, but they will help to keep your temperature at a comfortable level while you sleep as cotton is more breathable than other textiles.

3) Natural filling duvets and pillow arranging

A lot of hotels use natural filling duvets stuffed with feather and down from from duck or geese, and they have that fluffy, plump feel that’s great to snuggle up in. While feathers are soft, down is even softer, and Hungarian goose down is known for its extra-light and fluffy feel. And as well as having exceptional insulating properties to keep draughts out, it’s one of the most indulgent choices you can go for to really emulate that hotel style luxury.

When it comes to making your bed, the details matters. Place a flat sheet underneath (between your bottom sheet and the duvet) and fold them over each other at the top to create a ‘top layer’ band before tucking them both into your mattress at either side. This tuck is a signature hotel move as it secures the insulating layer and is more hygienic.

To arrange your pillows hotel-style, use oxford edged pillowcases on your bottom layer of pillows and housewife or a cuffed pillowcases on the top layer. This way the frill of the oxford will look pretty but won’t tickle your face in the night. Pillow shams and continental pillowcases are also great for building up the layers on your bed, finished off with some cute cushion garnishes. Use them as added decoration and for propping your head up when you’re relaxing.

4) Finishing touches

Once all of your bedding is five-star worthy, the final touch is of course to accessorise. Not all hotels use cushions, throws and bedspreads but it’s always nice to bring some character to your bedroom – it’s still home after all. Square accent cushions and boudoir cushions are a beautiful way to layer on top of your pillows, while bedspreads and throws not only look great but are also perfectly placed to pull over the bed when things get a bit chilly.

Now you’re set with a perfectly presented bed, make sure it stays in top condition by reading about how to wash and care for your bedding.

Mindfulness At Home, With MissPrint

Yvonne and Rebecca Drury co-founded their hand-drawn wallpaper and textile business ‘MissPrint’ in 2005, and really understand the impact colour and pattern can have on your home and your wellbeing. We spoke to the MissPrint team to get some advice about the use of decor in influencing our mood and promoting a more mindful, happy home.

“Mindfulness is all about being in the moment and at ease, appreciating the little things in life and not dwelling on things outside of your control. It’s not always easy achieving this Zen-like mindset in day-to-day life but making small changes in your home is a great place to start.

Colour and Pattern

Colour and pattern are great at evoking feelings and emotion. They can help you to create spaces in your home that can be uplifting or to help you unwind. Having a familiar space where you can feel truly relaxed and yourself every day can help you quickly switch off from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Think about the look and feel that can help your personality become more balanced: if you are often worked up and have too much energy, perhaps soft or chalky colours can help settle your mood. They don’t have to wishy-washy or bland – think earthy sage greens, china blues, soft greys or stone colours that can be great for creating a sense of calm tranquillity.

Changing colour in different rooms of the home can also serve different purposes. If you often need an uplifting boost of energy while you sip coffee in the morning, you could choose a warm, bright yellow or orange wallpaper in your kitchen to inspire the day ahead.

Pattern also helps the mind to unwind; our designs are all originally drawn by hand using pencil, pen and paper so each element in a repeating block is unique. We feel that drawing by hand rather than computer-generated design is much closer to the organic forms found in nature. Non-perfect lines are things we love.

Texture and Materials

Introducing natural materials to your home like wood and stone can add a sense of calm by bringing nature into your home. Think about introducing some key features such as a washed wooden floor or a selection of stone and ceramic vases – these can create a relaxing influence from room to room.

Also consider the fabric you use – natural fibers are a good choice and a knitted wool throw or some textured woven rugs are a great way to provide extra comfort and a tactile quality to a home. When mixed with light airy curtains they can create a very calm and relaxing space. Modern interior design is currently embracing the use of natural materials.


Growing plants really do make people happy and can add life and vitality to a home. Certain species are even able to help purify the air you breathe and filter out the chemicals and toxins. Don’t think you have to create an urban jungle, you can start small and try introducing a few cacti or herbs to a window seal or your desk to see how they change your mood.

Artificial plants will not really help here – it’s more about the living organism subtly changing day-to-day and through the seasons. If you’re not particularly green-fingered you could choose low maintenance species such as Rubber Trees or Money Plants.


Natural light is a wonderful thing and should definitely be embraced no matter what size your windows are. When we’re lucky enough to have clear skies, streaming sunrays can be an instant mood lifter. Light cotton curtains or layered voiles are a great way to keep a bright airy feeling and allow diffused light to enter when the sun is strong or to add some privacy. You can always add a blackout blind behind the curtains/voiles in bedrooms for a great night’s sleep.

Soft evening light is just as important – take the time to light some candles (never unattended of course) as their soft warm flickering glow adds a calming atmosphere to help rinse away the stresses of the day.”

Click here to explore this advice through Missprint’s hand-drawn designs >

Round Rugs: For The Best Spot in the House

Where is your favourite spot in the house?  Everyone has a favourite place to relax and recuperate (even our pets!), whether it’s a room, a piece of furniture or a hidden corner.

While any rug can make a room that bit nicer with a fresh influx of colour, softness and warmth, a round rug can define an area, reserving it as a V.I.P. – a Very Important Place. The circular shape breaks up the lines of the room and any furniture to bring added style and statement to your favourite area.

Despite the many design merits of a round rug, lots of us are put off by the logistics of their shape. We’re complete round rug converts, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite spots, made even better by round rugs.

Welcome spot

Picture a messy hallway: coats tossed over bannisters and nearby furniture, over-stuffed coat hooks on the wall, too full to function. Shoes scattered around the floor causing a trip-hazard.

In this scenario a round rug can be a real ally. Paired with a coat stand and a side table for keys and essentials, you can inject some well-needed organisation into this small space. Guests and family members will be drawn to this central spot, taking the hint to deposit their shoes and coats in an orderly fashion, and hopefully freeing up your once-messy hallway for good.

Synthetic rugs with a short pile are perfect for this kind of high-traffic area as they’re easy to clean and durable, but still add plenty of warmth and colour into your hallway.

Reading spot

Put your feet up, turn off the TV and let the world fade away while a good book takes you away. Finding the right time to get stuck into a novel is important (no interruptions please), but so is where you choose to read.

Comfort is key, and warm, soft surroundings are essential to help your become immersed in the story. For maximum cosiness we recommend a comfy armchair, a deep pile round rug and maybe even a footstool. A soft deep-pile rug will feel sumptuous under your feet while the round edges create a border of reservation that clearly declares this area is dedicated to maximum peace and quiet. When you’re not there enjoying a peaceful hour or two, this same area will add an enviable focal point.

Nursing Spot

No one needs to sit down more than new parents, and a nursing chair is the perfect companion for you and your baby, whether they’re feeding, burping, being rocked or sleeping. This tranquil spot is the ideal candidate for a round woollen rug, which will be warming and sound insulating – ideal for those middle of the night feeds. A round rug can mark the area as a peaceful haven for you and your baby, while the dense pile quiets the sounds of a rocking nursing chair and will help to keep mums’ and dads’ feet warm while they keep baby snug in their arms.

Tea (or coffee) spot

A good cup of tea, some dunkable biscuits, good friends and a fluffy round rug is the perfect combination for an afternoon of giggling and gossiping. A circular rug is ideal for bringing people together at a central point – the perfect socialising tool. To maximise gabbing you’ll just need to pair it with a coffee table and a really good brew. Although a round rug looks good with most styles of furniture, topping it with a round coffee table will add certain level of continuity that really reinforces that central point to gather around.

Playing Spot

Nothing is more active than a child’s mind, and you want them to be comfortable wherever their imagination takes them. An easy to clean synthetic rug is an ideal companion for your little one’s playroom or bedroom, and by defining an area specifically for play, a round rug can help you teach them about keeping this space organised and tidy. Synthetic yarns are ideal for creating bright colours, as well as being robust enough for all the rough and tumble of playtime.

Dressing-up spot

Big party? Important meeting? Supermarket trip? Sometimes there’s only one thing that needs to be centre of attention and that’s you. Paired with a full-length mirror and a side table, or placed under the chair of your dressing table, a plush round rug can become the perfect spotlight for all of your outfit trials (and a comfy place to test out those new shoes). A round rug will create a focal point in your room, while you’re the focal point in your mirror, and a confident contemporary design like a statement floral in bold colours should make you feel extra fabulous.

Waking Up Spot

Try as we might to get up on the right side of the bed, our mornings aren’t always filled with birdsong and soft sunlight peeking through the window. When it’s hard to pull yourself from your slumber, a gorgeously fluffy deep pile circle rug by the side of your bed can help ease you into the day. Pick a shaggy rug to sink your feet into, and make those first morning steps a bit more bearable.

You can take our advice or take the lead and experiment, just remember to always pair your rug with an anti-slip mat to make sure they’re extra safe to walk on, and don’t go walkabouts from the place you’ve put them.

Find your perfect round rug >

For more information about buying a rug including sizing, materials and how they’re made, read our Rugs Buying Guide.