Create The Perfect Christmas Eve Box

Increasingly popular for those with younger families, Christmas Eve boxes are becoming everyone’s favourite new tradition. They’re a way to bring some of that Christmas Day magic forward with small gifts and snuggly items that will hopefully take the edge off of the kids’ hunger for gifts while also helping them get cosy and calm before bedtime.

All you need to begin a Christmas eve box, is… a box!

Any box will do, but we love the idea of getting crafty and creating something completely personalised, and reusable boxes mean you’ll be ready to go next year too. Personalisation can mean lots of things, like picking colours and characters that they like, adding stickers, name plates or initials. Anything that will let the recipient know the surprises inside are just for them!

But which box?

The idea is for the contents to be a nice, wholesome taster for Christmas day, not a gift-fest, so don’t worry about getting anything too large. Try reusing a shoe box or invest in a something more sturdy and long-lasting like a thick card box or crate.

How should you decorate it?

If you’re going down the recycled box route, use the cheeriest wrapping paper you can find to cover the outside of the box and line the inside. If you’ve got a plain box that doesn’t need covering, but does need some personality, find some pretty letter stickers, or even an initial bauble that can be glued to the outside.

What goes inside?

Christmas Eve boxes work best when they’re centred around creating a tranquil evening, and anything that will make Christmas Eve a cosy, family-oriented celebration in its own right. Lots of people choose to gift new pyjamas and snuggly socks, small soft toys, a new book to read together, colouring books, hot chocolate with all the trimmings, new slippers and letters from Santa also make excellent box bits.

Why are they so great?

The reason they’ve become so popular is likely due to the fact they take the emphasis away from what can be quite a chaotic time of year, and focuses on the quality time we all crave with our loved ones. It turns out one simple box of goodies can give us a whole lot of wholesome activities!

If you like the look of our Cool Yule Christmas Eve box, you can find it here, and lots of gift ideas here.


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