DIY Christmas Stockings

Whether you hang them from the fireplace of at the foot of your bed, a colourful Christmas stocking is a clear sign that the season of giving is upon us. Making your own is a fun way to personalise your celebrations by styling them differently or adding initials for each member of the family, or you could use them as a gift bag and fill them with treats!

You will need:

  • Cotton Poplin – £6/m
  • Sewing machine – From £80
  • Thread – £1
  • Faux sheepskin trim – £3/roll
  • Ribbon – £3.
  • Glue gun – optional

How to make a Christmas stocking:

  1. Print out the Stocking template and join together. Use the black diamonds to help you line each of the pages up then cut along the black line. The dotted line is showing where you will stitch.
  2. Draw around your pattern on to your fabric, flip and draw around again. You have to flip the pattern, or you’ll end up with two pieces which won’t go together!
  3. Cut enough faux trim to cover both sides of your stocking then glue or stitch into place. We used a hot glue gun along the edge.
  4. Put your two stocking pieces right sides together and stitch all the way round.
  5. Cut a piece of ribbon to hang your stocking and glue or stitch into the stocking, on the seam.

Now you’re ready to start your stocking, check out our haberdashery department >


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