Father’s Day: Make Him A Memory Board

When giving a gift, sentiment is always worth more than cash value. And while we might think of our mums as the more soppy ones, our dads, stepdads, guardians and grandads love a sentimental gift just as much as mums do.

They’re more meaningful to give and might take a bit more effort, but they can be a lot easier on the pocket than treating them to, say, an all-singing all-dancing barbecue.

Memory board style frames used to take a lot more effort, including stringing the frame yourself and sourcing tiny pegs, but Dunelm has kindly taken all of those fiddly jobs by creating a memory frame that’s ready to go.

“It’s what’s inside that counts” as they say, and in this case it’s very much true. What you fill the frame with will make the gift special, so the more time you have to gather materials and think of ideas, the better.

You could fill your frame with:

  • Photos from days out.
  • Photos from when the family was younger.
  • Ticket stubs from concerts, shows, and days out together.
  • Handwritten notes you, your siblings, the grandkids etc.
  • Postcards.
  • Polaroids.
  • Napkins from meals on special occasions.
  • …And anything else you and your Dad would like!

Ideally you’ll need to gather enough stuff to fill the strings, but you don’t need to overload it. It’s about the sentiment so think quality not quantity.

We think this is a guaranteed winner for dad-gifting – the only problem is trying to find something to top it next year!


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