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Leather Beds

There’s something indulgent and luxurious about the look of leather, and our sumptuous collection of leather beds really pulls it off – despite being faux leather. All of a sudden the look and feel of a fabulous leather-covered bed can be yours for an unbelievable price, and nobody will ever know the difference.

The beauty of leather is its coolness and smoothness to the touch, both of which give the fabric a real sensual feel. These beds are covered with extremely high-quality faux leather, so there are no blemishes, the colouring is uniform, and the edges are crisp and neat. It’s also really easy to clean. Any spillages simply wipe off with a wet or damp cloth, and it’s looking as good as new in an instant. Another thing not to worry about if you like breakfast in bed and cups of hot coffee.

Our leather beds are available in all the standard adult sizes, from single up to super king-size, so whatever your level of indulgence, we’re sure to have a fantastic bed to suit your needs.

Dark leather beds are particularly at home where your bedroom is decorated in wood, particularly with dark, smoky wood or well-aged pine. But the brown leather is really set off against some colours, too. Red walls bring a real opulence, but lime green or sky blue can be equally striking in contrast – try it with a carpet or rug and you’ll have an unforgettable look.

If storage is always a problem in your home, have a look at our divan leather beds. They feature copious under-mattress storage, with either drawers or a lifting set up to access your storage room – perfect for keeping extra winter duvets or storing your summer sheets over the winter, or anything else you need to stow away out of sight.

It’s not all about brown, either. We have faux leather beds in some specially selected colours, such as cream, white or black, so you can always find the style that suits your decor. Lighter colours work best in light-coloured rooms, especially ones with big windows to dazzle and delight you every morning, but soothe you with electric glow in the evening.

Found your perfect leather bed? Don’t forget to head over to our mattress section to find the right one for you. You might also want to upgrade your sheets and duvet cover to reflect the new leather reality, too.

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