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Small Double Beds

A double bed is considered essential for most couples, but it can often be quite a squeeze fitting one in a bedroom – especially in a smaller house or flat, where space is at a premium. Luckily, not all double beds are created equal. We’ve got a great range of small double beds, which are around 20 cm narrower than a standard double (exact sizes vary from bed to bed). That seemingly small measurement can be the difference between a narrow walkway around the side and a comfortable space to put your feet when you’re getting up in the morning.

Once you’ve decided to go for a small double bed, you’ll be glad to know our range is just as comprehensive as that for the standard doubles. We’ve got fabric-covered, leather-covered, metal-framed, wooden and divan beds, so whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

If you like traditional styles of bed, our collection takes in all the timeless styles that have been bedroom staples for generations. But that’s not to everyone’s taste – modern dwellings often demand all mod cons throughout, including the bed. Again, you’re catered for, with the latest designs in minimalism and plush luxury, all with a very modern twist.

If you’re looking at a smaller double bed for space purposes, you might be interested in a divan bed. These beds are designed with storage space underneath, and an easy way to access it, such as drawers or a lifting mechanism. Of course, many beds will allow you to slide storage boxes underneath, but a purpose-designed divan is much neater and won’t collect dust.

Metal framed small doubles are particularly popular as they tend to have a much lighter, airier feel, which is usually what people want when space is scarce. Because of the natural strength of metal, the frames can be very small, with large gaps and interesting shapes, so do take a look through those designs.

Please don’t forget that these beds are the bedstead only. If you’re keeping your old mattress, that’s fine as long as it’s a small double, but if not, pop over to our mattress pages to find the one that’s right for both of you. And as you’re clearly a person of taste, why not have a look at our gorgeous sheets, pillows, duvets and headboards to add those finishing touches to your bed and to your bedroom?

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