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              Tefal Ingenio Essential 5 Piece Starter Kit


              was £73.00

              Tefal Delight Black 5 Piece Pan Set



              Tefal Ingenio 13 Piece Complete Set


              was £160.00

              Tefal Ingenio Frying Twin Pack 3 Piece Set


              was £43.00

              Tefal Extra 30cm Frying Pan



              Tefal Extra 28cm Stir Fry Pan



              Tefal Everest 32cm Frying Pan



              Tefal Precision Plus 28cm Wok



              Tefal Precision Plus 24cm Stew Pot With Lid



              Tefal One 12cm Egg Wonder Pan



              Tefal Indian 30cm Chapati Pan



              Tefal Indian 26cm Kadai Pan



              Tefal Extra 26cm Frying Pan



              Tefal Extra 20cm Frying Pan



              Tefal Everest 28cm Frying Pan


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              Here at Dunelm we are proud to stock Tefal, one of the leading cookware and kitchen appliance brands. With a motto reading “make your everyday life easier,” Tefal’s products are designed to help with a variety of kitchen tasks and feature a special non-stick coating that makes them popular with chefs and home cooks alike.

              The Tefal range features the unique Thermo-Spot that tells you when your Tefal pans are hot enough to use. When the pan has reached the optimum temperature, the circle will turn completely red – and with pre-heating being one of the secrets of good cooking, you’ll be able to create fantastic dishes time and time again.

              Another great feature of the Tefal range is the ultra-resistant intensium finish, which provides a highly effective non-stick coating. Unlike some non-stick pans, Tefal pans can even go in the dishwasher when you’ve finished cooking.

              Tefal frying pans, saucepans and more

              Our Tefal range features all the essentials you need to prepare home-cooked dishes, such as the Tefal frying pan, Tefal saucepan or Tefal grill pan. For those just starting their kitchenware collection, the entire Tefal pan set makes a worthwhile investment.

              Fans of Asian and Indian cuisine will enjoy using the Tefal Initiative Stir Fry Pan and the Indian Kadai pan. You can even whip up your own chapatis and pancakes using the Indian Chapati Pan, featuring a flat rimless design that makes for easier cooking and serving.

              For the ultimate breakfast gadget for that foodie or tech fan in your life, the Tefal Toast ‘n’ Egg appliance makes the perfect gift. With variable browning control for your toast, a function to boil or poach your eggs, and a heated tray to keep your bacon warm, it’s a one-stop shop for breakfast – and a great example of Tefal’s forward-thinking innovation.

              Browse our entire selection of Tefal products online and order yours today.