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Christmas Baubles & Tree Decorations

The tradition of hanging glass baubles from a Christmas tree probably started, like so many of our Christmas traditions, in what today is Germany. Some people think that the idea was that their reflective surface would repel evil spirits. While we can’t guarantee that feature, we can guarantee a strikingly beautiful set of baubles that will grace any tree and make it unmistakably Christmassy.

Original baubles were, of course, made of glass. To be hung from the small branches of pine trees, they had to be incredibly light, which meant that they were gossamer thin – and prone to breakage. We do have some real glass baubles, so if you crave that level of authenticity, these are the ones for you. Some are a little heavier, too, which makes them tougher, although the smaller, bendier extremities of your tree could hang a little low with them.

The majority of our baubles are now made of high-quality plastic, which means they’re light and cheap, but are also stronger. What it doesn’t mean is that they’re less attractive. Because of the flexibility and mouldability of plastic, there’s no limit to the shapes we can produce, and they take colours and additional adornments really well. From simple spherical coloured or transparent balls to elongated baubles bedecked with glitter and reflective panels, if it can be imagined, it can be made into a wonderful bauble design that’ll give you decades of pleasure.

More than baubles

It’s not all about the baubles, of course. Christmas tree decorations come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve got a magnificent collection to choose from. If you like traditional European designs, be it gingerbread figures, bells or corn dollies, have a rummage around our collection and you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Prefer something more contemporary? Dunelm’s your place. Just as with our Christmas trees, you can pick a period, from Victorian to the present day, and find designs that will never look out of place in their setting.

You can also bring a little taste of nature to your tree if you like. There are pine cones gorgeously decorated for a unique and fitting tree decoration; and there are our ever-popular robins, which can sit on any branch you choose and bring a little wintry cheer to your tree.

It’s your home and your tree, so it’s only right that it should be your choice when it comes to baubles and other tree decorations. So stick with Dunelm – there’s style and choice on every branch.

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