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Christmas Lights

What ignites the spirit of Christmas as much as fairy lights? It’s hard to think of anything else that simply says Christmas, whether it’s in the shopping precinct, other people’s homes or in your own living room. So it goes without saying that Dunelm, where home life is everything, has a truly huge range of Christmas lights. Whether you’re looking for Christmas tree lights, outdoor lights or looking for lighting to create your own indoor Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to LED technology, modern lights are bright and reliable and use so little power that you can have a small display that lasts the whole of Christmas on a couple of AA batteries. The days of an entire length's worth of lights going out because one bulb blows are over – modern LED Christmas lights work even if some are damaged.

Most of the larger sets of light are programmable from the control box. That means you can have your own lights displays in the front room, or down the side of the house if you fancy it. Make sure you check the individual product descriptions for details.

You’ll also find sets in multi-coloured or single-coloured packages. Multi-coloured string lighting used to be the standard, so have a certain traditional charm to them – and kids love them. But having a set of Christmas lights all in one colour is a lot easier to match with a particular decor.

Don’t forget that white LEDs come in warm white and cool white versions. Warm has an orangey-yellow hint, like traditional tungsten bulbs, whereas cool has a bluer tinge, rather like daylight. Both have their own charms, but they can look awkward when mixed together, so try and stick to the same type in one place.

If you like to have delightfully shaped Christmas lights, you’ve got more than enough choice at Dunelm. Our collection covers everything from points of light to extravagant seasonal shapes like bells, angels and reindeers, all in a rainbow of colours.

Outdoor Christmas lights

Your Christmas lights don’t have to stop at the front door. Why not take them outside to spread the Christmas cheer? With Dunelm supplying your lights, the sky’s the limit when you’re coming up with a memorable and tasteful outdoor display.

A particular favourite is the icicle type, which looks amazing dangling from the top of a window or around your guttering. With gently animated flashing, they really do look the part. But you can choose any kind of home garden outdoor lighting you want, from simple bulb type lamps to illuminated garden art and sculptures. Just remember to check on the product description to make sure it can be used outdoors – indoor-only lights might not be waterproof or frostproof.

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