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            Baking Tins

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            Dunelm Pre Cut Cake Tin Liner


            Dunelm 8" Pre Cut Cake Tin Liner



            Dunelm 21cm Loose Base Cake Tin


            Dunelm 2LB Loaf Tin


            Dunelm 38cm Roasting Tin


            Dunelm 35cm Roasting Tin With Rack



            Dunelm 20cm Springform Cake Tin


            Tala Performance Sandwich Tin

            £7.00 - £9.00


            Red Cookshop Baking Sheet



            Prestige 12 Cup Muffin Tin


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            Baking Tins

            Keen bakers can stock up on our special cake tins and baking tins, which come in all shapes and sizes. Deep sandwich tins, as well as loose bottom tins mean that you can get the right bake each and every time. We also offer loaf and cake tin liners to ensure your cakes come out the oven and onto the cooling rack exactly how you want them. When your delicacies are cooled, any you haven’t devoured can be stored in one of our many pretty cake tins. Available in colourful matching sets or neutral single cake tins, you’re sure to find one to match your kitchen. Take a look at our full range now here at Dunelm.