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A Tree For Every Room

As the 25th draws closer, the job of putting up the Christmas tree is at the forefront of our minds. Whether you love to decorate yours with layers of beads, tinsel and novelty baubles or keep it simple with a smattering of fairy lights, we have options for every man and his elf. Often being the centrepiece of your home at Christmas, your tree becomes an extension of your style, and over the years can expand to tell a story of your family and traditions. As always, we are up for the task of helping you get in the Christmas spirit and find a tree to suit the style, size, and shape of whatever room you’re adding it to. 

Little and large

It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio flat or 4 bed detached house, being able to find the perfect tree for your home should be straightforward so you can start to enjoy decorating it as soon as possible. For the smaller rooms and spaces in your home, our slim or half trees with shorter branches will be sure to keep you in the festive spirit and are great for the job. With some of our 4ft and under trees being small enough to fit on a side table, they are ideal for offices and bedrooms. If you have the ideal place for one of our larger trees, we have a spectacular range of unlit and pre-lit trees 6ft and over that will pack a magical punch with any decor choice.

Light up your life

Once you are set on a tree, you’ll be ready to decorate it (let’s face it, that’s the best bit). There is a list of styles to choose from as long as Santa’s beard. Whether you’re keeping it traditional or stripping back to something more simple, your blank canvas can become whatever you want it to be.  

Whether your tree is pre-lit, has frosted tips or is made entirely from tinsel, there’s a world of hanging treasures awaiting your discovery. If you want to fully customise your look, an unlit tree and our range of glittering lights from bright white, to warm white and multicoloured will give you all the flexibility you want. Finish off your Santa-ready tree with our new ranges, that are bursting at the seams with colour, glitter, beading, googly eyes and pom poms. 

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