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Refresh Your Living Room Instantly

That satisfaction and pride you get when you walk into a room that’s freshly redecorated is a real mood booster. Over time that feeling fades as your room goes from fresh and new to an everyday sight, but there are lots of little ways to refresh you room fast when you get a bit fed up with it. Keep on reading to find out our favourite ways to liven up your living room look, and the best part is – none of them are permanent! So whether your home is your own to do what you like with, or you’re renting from someone with a lot of rules, you can use every one freely.

Use self-adhesive wallpaper to create a feature wall

Quick, impactful, and completely removable if you change your mind or decide to move out, our self-adhesive wallpaper is much easier to apply than the traditional kind and makes a fabulous statement wall. You can use leftover pieces to give your furniture a new lease of life but lining drawers or covering the back of shelving.

Make a memory wall

A gallery wall is easy to create, much less hassle than hanging a couple of pictures in the ‘normal’ way. The less matchy-matchy it looks the better, so go to town with mismatched frames filled with your favourite photos, postcards, prints and posters. Lay the frames on the floor to get a rough plan of the shape and arrangement, then start by hanging the central frame and working out. Because they don’t need to hang at the same height on the wall, you don’t need to be too exact with where you place them, which takes some of the stress away!


Add a mirror to create illusion of space

Not only great for checking out your outfit, mirrors also perform a magical bit of trickery when hung near a window. Mirrors bounce light around, so if you hang them in the right spot, it’s like doubling your light sources! The bigger the mirror the better for a maximal light and airy look, and try to use an existing hook, or at least fill the hole in carefully if you’re in rented accommodation.

Make a floral focal point with a difference

Depending on your view windows can get a bit boring, so we like to brighten them up with a bunch of flowers. For a special treat we get them fresh and wait excitedly for them to reach full bloom, but the rest of the time we use beautiful faux flowers. They’re much easier on the purse because they last much longer, and its much easier to keep your favourite flowers in your eye-line even when they’re out of season. Change your display every few weeks to keep it fresh. 

Add colour without picking up a paint brush

It’s easy to add colour without making a permanent change, and when you can combine it with making your room more comfortable too, it’s a win-win. A big colourful, comfortable rug is the perfect way to make a quick and easy impact, just roll it out and you’re done! If you’ve already got a rug you love, branch out with colourful cushions and throws instead, either in one key accent shade or a rainbow selection.


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