Faux Fur Throws

Create a highly luxurious feel to your living room or bedroom with one of our faux fur throws.

Bringing sumptuous texture and warmth to any room you use it in, experience the thick fur effect material that will keep you cosy on chilly nights watching television or curling up in bed with a good book.


More information about faux fur throws

Available in a varying degree of colours, our faux fur throws span from browns and greys to replicate natural fur, to bright pinks to complement a girly room for your daughter. Use as a bedspread during the day and add a sophisticated look to your room. With the majority of our faux fur throws being machine washable, simply restore the throws back to their original standard and continue to enjoy them. 

Team our faux fur throws with your existing decor to provide a stark yet sleek contrast between the two and enjoy the sumptuous feel the throw provides. Available to purchase online today, our faux fur throws will add an opulent feel and look to whichever room you choose to use it in.