Red Lamp Shades

Instantly make a change to the look of your room by purchasing from our ranges of red lamp shades.

With varying designs ranging from traditional ornate shapes to sleek and modern styles, we give you the ability to match your new purchase with your decor effortlessly.

More information about red lamp shades

Our detailed woven fabric lamp shades add warmth and depth to your room whilst projecting a soft hue over the room, bathing the room in a sumptuous light. Our metal red lamp shades take more of a minimalist influence, the simple designs and clean lines enhance your other furnishings whilst providing a clean and refreshing light for your room. 

Our simply hung red ceiling lamp shades provide a professionally smart look for your living space the instant you install them. Our cleverly shaped designs create funky shapes and patterns when lit and provide an alternative to more traditional and well used alternative designs. Some of our red lamp shades feature as part of a furnishings collection, allowing you to pick individual items to form a set of fixtures and fittings honed to your tastes, creating a wonderful look to your room that all your friends will be envious of. Available to purchase online today, our red lamp shades will create a new ambience to your room in a flash.