Steamers make cooking delicious dishes in a healthier way much easier. At Dunelm, we offer a selection of food steamers in our range, including stainless steel steamer models compatible with hobs and handily tiered electric steamers.

The main benefit of a steamer is that you can ensure the mouth-watering flavours, vitamins and nutrients don’t get lost from your food during cooking. This allows you to enjoy a meal that not only tastes great, but one that’s also very healthy.  

More information on steamers

Cooking entire meals can prove quite a hectic task. However, our electric steamers feature timers to help you remain organised. Simply put your food on to cook for the required time and you’ll be alerted once it’s ready. Additionally, our 3 tier steamer models enable you to cook whole meals without having to reach for the microwave or check the oven. You can easily steam vegetables, rice, poultry, fish, meat and much more. 

As well as making cooking simpler, investing in a food steamer can also reduce the hassles of washing up. It doesn’t matter which type you opt for - there’s less mess to clear away after meal times. Introduce a steamer to your kitchen and enjoy great tasting, healthily cooked meals – browse our full range today!