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Divan Bases

There aren’t many people who can honestly say they have enough storage in their homes. It’s the ever-present problem – too much stuff, and not enough places to keep it all. While storage solutions are plentiful, most of them take up space that wouldn’t already be taken up. But that’s not the case with a divan bed. In fact, it’s the opposite: it makes storage space out of what used to be wasted space, by turning the room underneath the mattress into a place to keep things.

Now, of course, most beds have a gap underneath where things can be stored. It’s a good place to stow things away, and we actually stock storage boxes designed for that very purpose. But the downside is that it can look like an afterthought, and the boxes are never going to fit snugly under any size of bed.

Divan bed bases, on the other hand, combine the extra storage space with beautiful design. Form and function come together in such a neat way that you can build your room around it and factor in all that storage space.

Most people use their divan bed base to store bedding, especially winter layers that go unused for six months of the year. Of course, there are no rules about what you can and can’t keep under there – it’s just added storage space, which with a double or king-size bed especially, can be quite a volume.

Our divan bases have two main means of accessing the storage. Most commonly, it’s through drawers. They are either side-mounted or a combination of side and end, so you can decide which would suit your space best. Alternatively, there’s the lift-up type, which allows you to lift the top – mattress and all – to access the space, thanks to a hydraulic or spring mechanism. That’s really handy if you don’t have much room to open drawers around the edge.

Available in fabric-covered or faux leather, and in a variety of colours, these divan bases come in all the standard bed sizes, from single up to super king-size, and you can choose where you have the drawers, so you know it’ll fit in your room. Once you’ve chosen, remember to head over to our mattress section if you’re buying a new bed from scratch – these are the bases only so you can get the perfect mattress for your needs.

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