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Divan Beds

Bring a whole lot more storage to not just your bedroom but your whole home with a fantastic divan bed from Dunelm. These beds come with acres of storage space underneath the mattress, so what is all too often wasted space can now become the perfect place to keep bedding, clothes or anything else you need to store away when you’re not using it.

Many people use their divan beds as everyday storage, too. You can keep clean clothes, pyjamas, books, magazines or anything else you need to hand when you’re in the bedroom, and it’s all ready to take at the pull of a drawer or the lift of a mattress.

Our divan beds come in a vast array of colours. They’re all fabric-covered, and come ready to use with a fantastic mattress, and that can include memory foam, orthopaedic or anti-allergy, so just pick the one you need and await delivery.

The majority of our divan beds’ storage compartments are accessible via drawers on the side of the bed. However, when you order, you can specify exactly how many drawers you want and where they are placed. They don’t have to be on the sides – you can have a drawer at the foot of the bed if you prefer, which is perfect if you have a narrow bedroom.

Another means of access is the lifting divan bed. We’re sure you know how heavy mattresses are, so you’ll be glad to know you don’t need to be a weightlifter to raise the top. It’s all thanks to a hydraulic mechanism that makes lifting it easy. Lifting divans are great when your room is too small to open the drawers properly – they’re quite deep, so you need plenty of room to get the most out of them. With a lifting divan, you’ve got all that space right in front of you ready to be filled with things.

Have a good look through all our divan beds. There are plenty of styles to choose from. Whether you like something traditional or modern and sleek, we’ve got one that’s perfect for you, and because it’s Dunelm, you know it’s going to be great quality, that will keep going however frequently you use it.

And don’t forget – we also stock beautiful bedding pillows, throws and everything else you need to complete your bedroom. Welcome to a world of calm nights and copious storage!

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