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The ultimate in plush luxury, and maybe even a touch of glamour, a fabric bed softens the whole look of the bedroom, lending it a warm inviting feel that will make every night an early night. In a range of finishes from cool polyester to the most indulgent crushed velvet, these beds are both a visual treat and are soft against the skin, giving the whole bed a real elegant vibe.

Of course, it’s not just about the material covering the bed frame. These beds are also design masterpieces, with all sorts of shapes to bring attention and balance to your bedroom. You can choose a simple square fabric bed, or go for a quilted, buttoned finish with scrolls and curves galore.

Most of our fabric beds come with a built-in headboard, the ideal backrest for when you’re sitting up in bed with a good book or toast and coffee. Because they’re designed in, there’s never going to be a clash of looks – the head and foot of the bed, as well as the sides, are consistently covered, bringing a tidy, balanced feel to the bed.

Choose from a modern bed with a neat, geometric silhouette, or go for something that wouldn’t look out of place in a chamber belonging to a historical aristocrat. You can dial up the indulgence to 11 if you like, but wherever you choose on the scale, it’s going to be a cut above the rest of the beds in terms of luxury.

We stock fabric covered beds in all adult sizes. There’s also a wonderful array of colours to pick from, so whatever is the dominant colour in your current or planned bedroom, you’re sure to find the bed that complements it perfectly. With fabric beds, this is very important from a design perspective, simply because of the amount of colour that’s visible, even if you tone it down with bedding in a different tone.

Fabric beds lend themselves particularly well to being divan beds, too. That means you can have all that extra storage space but everything is purposely designed and beautifully balanced. Choose from a lifting top or sliding drawers, depending on your needs. Some beds have drawers that slide from the sides and the end, particularly useful if you have a lot of room to spare.

Simple, ornate, traditional or modern – whatever taste you have in fabric beds, there’s one at Dunelm that will fit luxuriously into your bedroom.

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