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A king-size bed makes sleeping that little bit comfier, especially if you’re sharing with someone. Of course, not every king-size bed is sold to a couple – there’s plenty to be said for having a king-size all to yourself, as you may have experienced if you’ve stayed in a hotel on your own. Whatever the reason you’re going king-size, Dunelm is your place for choice, quality and convenience.

The king-size mattress is wider than a standard double bed mattress, at around 1.5 metres in width, compared to about 1.3 metres for a double, but some of the larger frames themselves can add quite a few centimetres to the width, so make sure you’ve got room by checking the actual dimensions of the bed rather than relying on mattress size charts.

Apart from the extra width, a good thing about getting a king-size bed is that it’s a very common size all over the world, so you will never have any problems getting fitted sheets, duvets and toppers for it far into the future. That gives you plenty of shopping options, which is always handy when your tastes or the decor of your room change.

Dunelm’s range of king-size beds is huge, with every style imaginable to choose from. If you want your indulgence to be that little bit more extravagant, there are some sumptuous options to choose from, in rich, opulent coverings. Perhaps you’d prefer something a little more traditional? There’s also a massive range to pick from, covering the whole list of styles, from simple and functional to ornate and classical.

The final type of king-size bed is the divan type. It comes with its own storage compartments underneath the mattress, accessible drawers or a lifting mechanism. It’s pretty handy with a bed of this size to have some extra storage space, and because it’s designed for style and convenience, you know it’s going to look and work perfectly.

Once you’ve chosen your king-size, make sure you head over to our mattress section so you can find yourself the perfect one, taking into account how luxurious you want it, but also whether there are any allergy or orthopaedic considerations.

Beauty, comfort, craftsmanship and function all come as standard across the entire collection. Sleep like a king, whether you’re single or with a partner, with one of these fabulous king-size beds from Dunelm.

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