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A wooden bed automatically brings a traditional, homely feel to the bedroom. Designed with strength, comfort and durability at every stage, it’s a bed that will last you for years while looking and feeling fantastic for the whole duration.

We’ve got every size of bed in wood, from children’s, through single and double, right up the various king-sizes. They come in oak or pine, two timbers with very different appearances, but both completely beautiful. You don’t have to have a traditional treated wood finish, either – we have a range of painted wood beds, so whatever look you’re going for in the bedroom, you’ll find a bed that fits it.

Simple beds are the mainstay of our collection, but we also have some other versatile designs. Wooden bunk beds are great for siblings’ rooms, letting you sleep two kids in the same room but with the footprint of just one bed. We also have wooden divan beds, too. These come with storage space in the base, that’s perfect for keeping spare bedding or whatever else you like to store away. The space is accessed via drawers in the base or a hinged device that lets you easily lift the top, even with the mattress on.

We also have combination beds – bunk beds with divan drawers in the base, which has to be the ultimate in space-saving for a shared bedroom. And check out our kids’ sleep station beds – they’re raised about a metre or two off the ground, and come with a desk and shelving and drawer space underneath, another fantastic space-saving idea that kids love. There’s even a design with a second mattress that slides from underneath – great for sleepovers.

If you like a headboard built-in, there are plenty of superb wooden beds to choose from, with traditional or modern headboards to help you relax in bed. Don’t forget, you can always buy a separate headboard if you want a different design, or if you change your mind later. Wooden beds are particularly good at accommodating your own modifications to bring them in line with your tastes.

All our wooden beds are crafted in high-quality materials to ensure a solid construction once you’ve assembled yours. Have a look through these pages to find your perfect wooden bed, then head over to our mattresses and bedding pages to complete the look and feel of your new Dunelm bed.

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