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Check out our fabulous futon collection for some inspiration when you’re decorating your house or flat. These brilliant folding bed-cum-chairs look smart in any setting, thanks to their clean, minimalist design typical of their Japanese origins. But if you like your furniture to be multi-purpose, you’re in heaven with one of these.

Our futons tend to come in two styles. First, there’s the open style, where you can see all the workings –  they make no attempt to hide what’s going on, like the original futons. And second, there are the neater, rounder types, which look just like smart seats until you take a closer look and see it all folds out.

Futons are ideal for when you have people staying over, and fold-out in seconds to make a comfy bed from the seat configuration. It’s not unusual for people to use them both themselves every day – that’s how they were originally intended to be used, as they save loads of space compared to a separate bed and sofa. When you consider you can only be using a bed or a sofa at any given time, it makes perfect sense!

The slatted types are many people’s idea of the futon, and they certainly have a functional charm about them. Because they are stripped down to their basics, they’re really inexpensive, but don’t let that fool you – they’re great quality pieces of furniture that will withstand years of sitting, folding, and sleeping. What’s particularly good is that should either the frame or the mattress wear out or get damaged, you can replace just that – you don’t need to change the whole thing. Our slatted futons come in single and double size, so they’re great for couples or those looking to save some space.

The covered futons have more of a seat vibe about them when they’re not folded into a bed, and because of the styling, they look really cool and minimalist, devoid of arms and legs, just there to be sat on. Some of our futons take a bit more inspiration from armchairs, and they’re successful designs that manage to pull off both purposes flawlessly.

So whether you like to have guests staying over, or just want to live the minimalist lifestyle around your own home, look no further than these convertible wonders. Simple, effective and comfortable in both forms, that’s futons in a nutshell.

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