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3 Seater Sofas

The 3 seater sofa is the most popular size, probably because it fits nicely into most rooms, and will comfortably seat a small family or a couple with a guest. It’s also a great size for lounging sideways, perfect for those of you who like a snooze on a Sunday afternoon. So if that’s the size you’re looking for, read on to discover more about the wonderful collection we’ve got.

If you’re just looking for a basic 3 seater sofa, you’ve got plenty to choose from in an array of styles. There are some plush and comfy traditional sofas, designed to sink into and chill for hours on end. And at the other end of the spectrum are more contemporary sofas for busy people – just as comfortable, but with sharper, neater lines to suit the modern live room. And in between, there’s a host of three-seater sofas that blend all the best bits of both traditional and modern, to come up with roomy, soft sofas styled for today’s tastes.

Recliners continue to grow in popularity in our box-set age – what better way to relax than leaning back with your feet up while the story unfolds? What’s perfect about our 3 seater recliners is that it’s the individual seats that recline, accompanied by the footrest, so if only one of you likes to recline, you can do it.

A corner chaise is useful for those who like to lounge around a little – and it certainly doesn’t have to go in a corner. It features an extended seat at one end to form a large L-shaped sofa, ideal for chilling with your feet up or seating an extra guest (remove feet first).

Sofa beds also come in 3 seater size. Because a three-seater sofa is about the same length as a bed, the bed is configured sideways, so it’s often just a case of dropping the back down to convert it – a neat and easy solution with no excess cushioning.

When it comes to material, you can choose pretty much whatever you want. A tight, smart covering is always popular in a contemporary setting as it gives a crisp, efficient silhouette. But something a little looser, with large, generous cushions can also be contemporary, especially in a neutral fabric. So take your pick from a wide choice of fabrics, including leather, and find the 3 seater sofa that’s perfect for you, the way you live and the style of your living room.

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