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Pegs and Peg Bags

Make sure you’re ready for wash day by having a set of high quality pegs to help hang your clothes. And to make the job easier, there’s nothing like a peg bag to do the job. Whatever you’re looking for in the world of pegs, you can almost guarantee we’ve got it at Dunelm.


Here’s our collection of pegs – we’ve got plenty to choose from, all in multipacks for no more than a few pounds. Brands like Vileda , Minky and Sorbo produce excellent pegs that will give you years of hanging service, and they’re nice and brightly coloured so they’re easier to see on the line. Vileda makes the Soft Peg, a tightly gripping peg that comes with padded areas to protect your fingers when you’re pegging for long periods of time. They’re also colourful and bright, looking fine on the line. If you like your pegs wooden, we sell the traditional spring-loaded pegs in multipacks. They’re strong, secure and the wood is biodegradable when they come to the end of their life.

Peg bags and holders

When you’re venturing out to the washing line with your freshly washed clothes and towels, where do you keep your pegs? We’ve got a few peg holder solutions to make the job much easier. If you like to carry the pegs, an over the shoulder bag made specifically for the job is a great option. Just reach around for a peg and you’re done. It’s waterproof and comes with a clip so you can leave it hanging outside all the time if you like.

A peg basket is a super idea if you have a traditional washing line. You hook the bag on the line and slide it along as you hang up your things, so you don’t have to have hands free at the critical moment. And when it’s time to take the dry clothes back in, simply do the opposite – load the basket with pegs as you go and they are there next time you need them. A peg bag is used the same way, but has a more traditional feel to it.

Peg hangers are another neat idea – they come with multiple pegs dangling from one or two frames, and the whole construction hangs from a hook so you can have it anywhere you like, inside or out. They’re great for socks, smalls, tea towels and other simple things, and take up hardly any space on the clothes line or rotary line.

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