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Exclusive: Holly Willoughby Behind the Collection

As one half of the UK’s most beloved TV pairing, Holly Willoughby’s down to earth nature and eye for style has made her a household favourite, and as a working mum Holly understands the daily challenges of balancing her professional responsibilities with looking after little ones.

Having launched beautiful designs as part of her Holly Willoughby For The Home collection, we gladly accepted an invitation with Holly to talk about the inspiration behind her collection, bedtime routines, and the key to her chemistry with Phillip Schofield.

The Holly Willoughby For The Home bedding range has a very elegant look, what was the inspiration behind the collection?

I’m not an interior designer so whenever I design for the range, all I can do is dress a bed in a way that would make me happy in my own home. For me, your bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place of calm away from the busyness of every day life. I wanted to create a bedding range that felt clean and fresh, but with a peaceful, feminine vibe.

What is your favourite thing about the new collection?

It's really hard to decide because they're all so beautiful, but I think i'd have to say the fact that it's all 100% cotton so it's really natural and breathable.

In three words, how would you describe your new range?

I'd say homely, elegant and beautiful!

You have a busy schedule that involves very early mornings, late night events and caring for your children, so getting a good sleep must be very important to you. Do you have any top tips for getting a great night’s sleep?

I love the luxury of sinking into a bath before bed and if I’ve got the time, that’s exactly where you’ll find me; soaking in essential oils, listening to Desert Island Discs! I think a bath, followed by climbing into a bed with fresh sheets, is literally the best feeling in the world!

How would you describe your home style?

My home style is very much 'keep your shoes on and put them on the sofa', I want a home to be a home. A home should be lived in and loved but I still want it to feel special and nice.

What advice would you give to someone buying their first home?

It's so important for it to be an extension of you. Don't just go for generic things, go for something you really love and cherish that you're going to have for a really long time.

Your book Truly Happy Baby gives some great advice to Mums during a child’s first year. What’s your children’s bedtime routine like at the moment and do you have any tips for making it a little easier?

I bath all the children together around 6:30pm, then Chester and Belle both get into bed at 7pm.  Whilst I’m reading Chester a bedtime story, Belle sits in her bed reading to herself and then once Chester’s down, I read to Belle and have a chat before switching out her light.  Harry, now that he’s eight, goes up to bed at 7:30pm and reads to himself until about 7:45pm when I go up in to tuck him in and say goodnight.

You just have to develop a bedtime routine that’s tailored to you and your family and you know best what that is. One thing I do believe makes life easier is consistency – especially during the working week. Whatever your individual family routine, try your best to stick to it, then everyone knows where they are and as a result, will hopefully sleep better.

What’s the key to your chemistry with Phillip Schofield?

I think it’s just the fact that we’ve got a friendship first and foremost. We’ve known each other for a really long time now and we pretty much know what the other one’s thinking, half the time, so it makes our working relationship really easy…and fun too!

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