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How To Add More Pieces With Personality

Your home should be the place where you get to be your full self, so why would you hide that fantastic personality? The days of clean lines, clear surfaces and colourless living are giving way to a new era of fun, bold colours and quirky touches.

If it’s not your thing, we’re not going to tell you to add a flocked bulldog to your lounge. But if you’ve always wanted to dip your toe in to more character-rich decor or you’re already revelling in the personality-filled accessories out there, we’ve got a few recommendations for you.

Not everything needs to be ‘out there’ to make a difference to your decor. Something that looks distinctive against your normal home backdrop can make the whole room change – like our gorgeous Arkin chair. It’s got that retro, sort of old fashioned but somehow new look that people are head over heels for at the moment, and it comes in 3 colours to blend (or stand out) with your decor.

Occasional chairs are great for adding a new dynamic to your room, because not only do they add a new seating option (it’s on you to bagsy it first) but it can make you rethink the placement of your other furniture to accommodate it, which could lead to something new.

We love a good cushion

This probably isn’t going to be news to anyone, but we love a good cushion. The power of cushions is this: they’re small, affordable, and you can experiment with colour and pattern with very little commitment. They’re the best way to try out a trend or have a bit of fun, like our cute face cushions that combine uplifting summery colours with cheerful faces. There’s no way you and your guests won’t get a kick out of seeing this pair smiling back at you from the sofa.

Stylish lighting

Is another great way to inject interesting design into your home without disruption. By adding a new light, you’re adding a new accessory that will add to the overall look of your room when it’s off, and when it’s on it could literally change the whole look of the place. We love our Tanner table lamp because it has such a stunning, distinctive shape, and the smoked glass bulb take the edge off of the brightness for some cosiness without a lampshade. It’s a sleek and stylish piece that is sure to catch the eye of any visitors, and it comes from a family of matching lighting pieces so you can build up a coordinated look if you fancy it.


Are also an easy way to push the boundaries of your decor, and our very cute gold-finished monkeys will add a fun flourish to any surface. At an adorable 10cm tall, we’re pretty confident that any home will be able to find room for them, and as they’re fashioned in the style of the three wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil) you can have fun placing them in a comical scene. They’re a great example of how choosing a smaller accessory can give your home a cheeky little wink of fun.

…And we weren’t joking about the flocked bulldog. This good boy is made from a durable poly-resin which gives him some great detailing, and covered in a luxurious flocked texture in rich black so his coat shines like the almost-real dog he is. Pieces like our flocked bulldog work well as accent pieces to other items, so they look great on a side table beside a lamp, plants or other trinkets to vary the height, colour and texture of your accessories.

Intrigued? Excited? Unsure?

Give it a go and see where the mood takes you. Our advice is to have fun with your decor and give yourself a smile every time you step into your room.

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