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How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no wonder it’s also the room that builds up the most dirt and grime. Tackling the kitchen and everything in it can seem daunting, but breaking it up into manageable areas can really help you get on top of that essential deep clean.

The Oven

If you’ve been putting it off for a while, cleaning the oven can seem like a mammoth task. The good news is, with a bit of elbow grease to get you started and regular cleaning to keep things ship-shape, your oven can sparkle all year round.  Remember to turn off the oven’s electricity or gas supply before you begin, then remove all baking trays and shelves and using a specialist cleaner, like Oven Mate Just for Racks. This powers through burnt-on food and grease in no time and can be used on stainless steel and non-coated baking trays as well as enamel.

If your oven just needs a bit of a clean-up our Oven Mate Grill Gremlin scourer is ideal, with its moulded shape to help you reach those tricky spots on the rack and can clean 5 oven bars at once. For the rest of the oven, use Oven Mate Oven Clean Kit to remove dirt and grease before washing thoroughly with clean water. Protecting the bottom of your oven with a washable, heat-proof lining like the Oven Mate Oven Liner will mean you’re able to go a lot longer between cleans.

The Fridge

Switch off the fridge and throw out any food past it’s use by date. Remove each drawer and shelf, and wash them in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Spray thoroughly with an anti-bacterial cleaner and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth.

The Microwave

Remove burnt-on food and deodorise your microwave by placing a handy Oven Mate Microwave Steam Clean Wipe in the microwave. Heat-activated and anti-bacterial, these wipes release fresh smelling steam that softens food and lets you wipe away dirt with ease.

The Kettle

Limescale build-up occurs when the mineral content in your water is attracted to the heating element, and sticks to it like glue. This build-up can reduce the efficiency of your kettle as the limescale interferes with the element’s ability to conduct heat, so it’s best to regularly descale it with a product like Kilrock Multi-Purpose Descaler.


Start by emptying the cupboards one by one and throwing away any out of date food and broken or unused kitchen items. Spray the inside of the cupboard and any shelves with a multi-purpose cleaner and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Leave to air dry for 10 minutes before replacing your remaining food and kitchen items.


Clear surfaces of all appliances, cookware and before spraying with an anti-bacterial cleaner, and leave for 5 minutes. This anti-bacterial spray kills 99.9% of common germs, and is ideal for food preparation surfaces as it is both odourless and bleach-free.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel surfaces like cooker hoods, sinks and splashbacks can be returned to their former shining glory, but you’ll need specialist cleaning to do it, like our Method Stainless Steel Spray. Keep the spray in your cupboard at all times and kitchen grease doesn’t stand a chance!


Use a versatile dustpan and brush to give your floors a quick sweep and pick up loose pieces of dust and dirt. Then clean away stains and any food residue using a traditional mop and bucket with help from a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner like the Method Floor Cleaner.

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