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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet & Other Bedding Storage Tips

Just as you plan a wardrobe clear out and clothing rotation as a new season approaches, you may also find that you like to store away your seasonal bedding for a bedroom refresh. However, finding the storage space, keeping bedding fresh for its next use, and ways of folding tidily can be tricky.

Ever find yourself in a muddle when trying to fold your fitted sheets? It can be seriously frustrating when those elasticated corners just don’t want to fold away neatly. The art of folding a fitted sheet correctly may seem like a mammoth task, but with a bit of practice, it’ll soon become effortless when doing the laundry. From now on, prepare to be incredibly satisfied with crisply folded fitted sheets thanks to our super handy step-by-step guide.

You will need

  • A fitted sheet
  • A clean flat surface

How to fold a fitted sheet

  • Turn your sheet inside out while holding it lengthways. Hold it up by the two adjacent corners and place one hand in each.
  • Fold one corner over the other by putting the tips of your fingers together and flipping the corner over your hand so they’re now sitting on top of each other on one hand.
  • Grab the next corner that’s hanging down in front of you and place it underneath the two corners that are already stacked.
  • Repeat this for the final corner so that all four are resting on one hand.
  • With your free hand, grab the shorter edge from the corner and hold to form a rectangular shape. You should also see an L shape has formed from the fitted edges of the sheet.
  • Lay the sheet down on a flat surface and smooth it out into a rectangle with pointed corners.
  • Now you can easily fold the sheet up into a rectangle that is the size you want it to be.

Storage hacks

Store unused bedding in storage bags

If you’re planning on switching up your sheets for a new time of year, make sure you store your current bedding away neatly in a protective bag to keep them fresh. The Heavy Duty Bedding Bag is ideal for storing duvets, pillows, bed linen and even curtains, with its large capacity and is finished with a secure zip fastening.

  • Top Tip: If you’re worried about insects, try putting cedarwood boards in with you bedding. Cedar repels bugs and will help to keep your bed linen smelling fresher.

Save space with vacuum storage

Vacuum storage is the perfect space saving solution if you have limited storage space in your homes. The Russel Pack of 2 Large Vacuum Storage Bags have fantastic properties for protecting against dust, damp, mites and moisture while reducing the volume of the contents to  give you up to three times more space!

Organise bed linen within pillowcases

If you have seasonal bed linen from multiple beds in your home, a really easy way to fold them up and keep them stored tidily is by folding duvet covers and sheets inside their matching pillowcases. This way, you’ll find it much easier to pick out your bedding for next time and nothing will (or should) get lost.

  • Top Tip: Make sure your linens have been washed before you do this, as even if they don’t appear dirty, there are residual oils that can discolour fabric and dead skin cells that can attract bugs.

Choose a wise spot

Outdoors, in a garage or a shed is a big no-no for storing bedding as there’s a much higher risk of inviting unwanted creatures and causing spots of damp and mould. A linen or airing cupboard is the obvious best place for them, but great alternatives are in ottomans, under the bed or even on a shelf in the loft.

  • Top Tip: Avoid storing within cardboard as pests such as rats are drawn to this material.

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