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Relaxing. Our top techniques

When it comes to our daily lives, we are often on the go from the minute we wake up with little time to sit down for a cup of tea and put our feet up. Taking care of yourself is so important, both mentally and physically and that means you need to be giving yourself the down time you deserve to recharge. If you’re struggling for ways to step away from your usual routine and focus on yourself, we have pulled together some ideas that you can use throughout the week to make things easier.

Soak it all in

Set aside some time for yourself every day that is completely yours. Whether it’s after the kids have gone to bed or just before you pop dinner in the oven. That time is for you to concentrate on yourself and take a breather from everything else, so forget about the washing up or if someone’s uniform needs ironing for the next day. Be kind to yourself by indulging in a long, hot soak, filled with whatever helps you unwind. Try bubbles, essential oils or even a luxurious bath bomb and light your favourite candles (if you’re feeling extra indulgent, pour yourself a glass of something special). Don’t forget to pop on some spa-worthy music and have a sumptuously soft towel waiting for afterwards. Remember, if you don’t look like a prune when you get out, you haven’t been soaking for long enough!

Take a leaf out of our book

Another way to help you relax during the day or fully unwind before bed, is to treat yourself to a space that helps you escape. This could simply be your garden (weather permitting) where you can take in some fresh air to help you relax and depending on how green your fingers are, to admire your leafy friends - they do wonders for your mental health. If it’s too chilly outside and you want to wrap yourself in cosiness, turn your bedroom or a spare corner into a snuggly den full of throws, pillows and fairy lights. You can grab your favourite book and put on some relaxing music before losing yourself (even if it’s just for 10 minutes) in another world on paper. Not only will it help to clear your mind but you will hopefully be set for the next tasks at hand or a dreamy night’s sleep.

And breathe…

Most of us have heard of yoga and maybe given it a go at one stage or another, but did you know about the benefits behind the ancient art? Taking some time out of your day to focus on your breathing and having a good stretch can help you feel calmer and alleviate your aches and pains. By taking the time to focus on your mind and body, you are giving yourself the kindness you deserve which will boost your mood and health. A great practice to do alongside yoga is reciting motivational mantras to repeat to yourself in the morning or at night - there are lots to be found online or you can create your own. This will help to clear your mind before the day begins or help you get to sleep at night. The talented yoga expert Georgina Smith has spoken to us more about how yoga can help you and different positions you can try out to get started.

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