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The Ultimate Towel

Getting out of the shower or the bath tub is HARD. The problem is that brief and unavoidable period between lovely hot water and cosy clothes, where you’re wrapped in a faded, scruffy, scratchy, not quite big enough towel. It wasn’t always this way. Your towel was once the soft, fluffy embrace you daydreamed about at your desk, but they just don’t stay that way forever, and when it comes to replacing them, what should you look for and how do you keep them looking and feeling like new?

What to look for in a towel

  • A weight of 500gsm or more

GSM or ‘grams per square metre’ refers to the density of the fabric and a higher GSM will mean the towel be more absorbent and longer lasting. A higher GSM towel will have more loops or longer loops which will also give the towel a ticker and more luxurious texture.

  • 100% cotton

Not only are cotton fibres famed for their softness, they are also able to absorb 25 times their weight in liquid, making them perfect for quick drying.

How to look after your towels

  • Wash at 40°C

Towels have a higher exposure to bacteria, so they need to be washed at 40C minimum. Use a biological detergent, as they contain an enzyme which will do a better job of breaking down any sweat secretions hidden in the fibres after a gym session.

  • Don’t use fabric conditioner

We know this sounds counter-intuitive to your fluffy towel enjoyment, but over time fabric softener can reduce the absorbency of the fibres. Using too much can cause a build-up in the fibres that can make your towels feel rougher over time, so use it minimally or not at all.

  • Tumble dry on a low temperature

This will help the fibres to open and fluff up, enhancing the softness of your towel.

  • Keep away from cleaning products

Towels can be damaged by harsh cleaning products and bleaching agents, which can break down the fibres and strip colour.

And the best of the bunch?

Sure, drying performance should top the list of qualities you want in a towel, but let’s be honest… when you’re shopping for new towels the first thing you do is reach out a hand to feel how soft they are. Then the practical bit. Oh, and if they come in a colour you like.

Thankfully, there’s one towel that pips all others to the top towel post, delivering wonderful softness, incredible absorbency, and an eye-popping choice of 18 colours.

By name and by nature, our Ultimate Towel is… well, the ultimate towel. By using the latest innovation to create superior softness and absorbency, the Ultimate Towel boasts a reassuringly weighty 600gsm, crafted from 100% cotton zero twist pile. This gives each towel a luxurious soft texture and fluffy lift, not to mention exceptional drying ability.


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