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Wet Weather & Muddy Days 

The best advice for soggy, dreary days, and the thing that feels most natural to many of us, is to stay inside with a bowl of homemade soup and a fluffiest blanket you can find. For the days where there's not an option (which is probably most of them) we can help you prevent wet weather from being a hassle, speed up that de-mudding process and fast-forward to cosy, cuddly sofa time. 

Our No.1 wet weather wonder tip is to really nail your doorway/porch/hallway prep to aid a smooth exit when the heavens have opened, and contain any drips and muddy bits on re-entry. 

First off let's talk about you, and making sure your waterproof jacket, umbrella, wellies, hats and gloves are on hand so you're not losing precious time scavenging through coat racks and shoe boxes. It's frustrating at the best of times, and we don't need to tell you the impact unplanned rummaging will have when combined with the time pressure of school runs and commutes. So, make sure your outerwear area is streamlined for success with everyone's stuff neatly stored so it's a grab and go situation should the forecast take a turn for the moist. Our hero pieces for this are coat hangers or stands, show racks, storage baskets, and even a storage bench if your space allows for it. 

We're also putting a hearty recommendation behind Marvel mats. Made from recycled plastic bottles, these non-slip floor protectors are the perfect addition to front and back doors as they can easily absorb up to 3 times their own weight in water so your whole family should be able to de-shoe and de-coat on them comfortably. If they get grubby from muddy feet (or paws), you can easily pop them in the wash to get them as good as new - we can't recommend them enough!

Don't Forget Your Four Legged Friend

Speak of paws, our furry friends don't have the same sense of home maintenance as us human folk, so a muddy walk could turn into muddy floors, muddy rugs and muddy furnishings if you're not careful. We don't want to stop our four legged friends from having fun, so just keep a towel and brush by the door ready for your return from any wet walks and you'll be set.

Last Minute Tips

Before you leave the house for the day, pop a bunch of ingredients in your slow cooker, and leave it to cook on a low setting so you know you'll have something delicious and warming to come home to. Alternatively, soup is always a winter winner, so chop up those veggies, add stock and any other bits you fancy and chuck them in to a soup maker for a quick and wholesome meal. It's also great for clearing out the fridge of any produce nearing the end of its best life. 

Once you've dried off and put everything in its place (always look out for future you), there are a few sure-fire ways to get cosy - and fast! Our favourite way to get warm after a cold, wet day is to take a two-pronged approach: refuel with something hot and hearty for the insides, and create a soft, snug nest for the outsides. 

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