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Day Beds

When is a bed even more than just a bed? When it’s a daybed! This perfect alternative to a sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture that fits just as well in a bedroom as it does in a living room or even a conservatory. By day it’s a perfectly comfortable sofa, complete with back and armrests – throw a few cushions down and you can wind down with a good book or watch the TV. But by night, it’s magically transformed into a bed by the simple act of doing nothing at all!

The daybed works because it’s a standard single mattress in the frame of a sofa, so you’ve got all the comfort and dimensions of a bed when you’re lying down, or a long sofa when you’re sitting on it. How many sofas do you know that can accommodate a fully grown adult lying down?

Day beds are ideal for people without much room in their homes and are popular in flats, bedsits and teenage bedrooms because of their dual purpose. But many people keep them as a sofa, which can easily become a bed when you’ve got friends or relatives stopping over. Another group of people who swear by day beds are those with mobility issues. It’s great to be able to sleep in the lounge, then swing around and sit on a purpose-built sofa when you’re awake.

Some of our day beds have a trundle under the mattress. It slides out when required to double the sleeping space to two, which again is perfect if you’ve got people staying over. A variation on the theme is a daybed with storage drawers underneath, rather like a divan bed but with the back and sides of a sofa. Most people store some bedding in the drawers for when people sleepover, but there’s no reason why you can’t simply use it as everyday storage.

Another interpretation of the day bed is making it look more like a sofa than a bed. Our Zodiac and Madrid, for example, are almost indistinguishable from normal seating, such are their stylish looks. But they both feature trundles underneath the seat, so your sofa becomes two beds in a matter of seconds.

If a sofa bed isn’t for you, but you like to have guests over or need to sleep and live in the same space, a day bed is a fantastic option. Convenient, comfy and well made, you’ll love it.

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